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Root’s solution approach combines strategic consulting with creative engagement to solve meaningful business problems where people mean the difference between success and failure.  We’re looking for smart, confident, creative, curious people who are passionate about making a difference for our clients. If you are highly talented and want to join a company where your contributions count, where your ideas and suggestions are appreciated, where you can add value every day, and where you can further your personal and professional development, then Root is the place for you! We look outside for new ideas, backgrounds, and expertise, while focusing on growing and promoting talent from within.  New opportunities are always on the horizon and we are constantly recruiting for exceptional capability to build our talent pipeline.

Benefits of Working at Root

Root offers a very competitive benefits package that is designed to attract and retain highly motivated people on a journey of excellence. Our benefits package includes healthcare (medical, dental, and Rx), life insurance, LTD, 401(k), paid vacation, and holidays. All employees participate in our incentive program based on company performance.

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