Rich Berens


Rich Berens is President and Chief Client Fanatic of Root Inc. For more than a decade, Rich has helped leaders at Fortune 1000 organizations to align on key strategic imper-atives and engage their people in bringing their strategies to life. His clients span all industries and include Petco, Bank of America, Hilton Hotels, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank,and Merillat/Masco, among many others.

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Think You Tell a Compelling Story? Think Again. 5 Tips to Becoming an Expert Storyteller.

While I don’t believe I have to all the answers on all things business and leadership related, I am certain about one thing

The Power of Visualization to Drive Alignment

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We have found that to be exceedingly true in business. As a matter of fact

Work is Broken

There is more than $350 billion of lost productivity every year. Let's recover the lost hours of productivity by engaging people at work.

Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Silos are common place in just about every workplace I have ever engaged with. They are a natural result of organizations trying to structure themselves

Work is Broken

“Employee engagement.” The phrase first hit the scene in 1990, when William A. Kahn used it in an article he wrote for the Academy of Management Journal

Five Things Great Leaders Do Right

To state the obvious: Great leadership is of paramount importance to any organization. Great leaders set the direction for the organization

Company Culture: Why Authenticity is Sexy (and the Key to Success)

Have you ever dated someone and come to the realization a few weeks into the relationship that the actual version of the person you’re dating is actually

The Changing Workplace: That Gap is Technological

Have you felt the shift at your workplace? Things are changing. Some people blame the discomfort on mixing four generations with four worldviews.

Strategy Selling: Think Like a Marketer

If you’ve ever worked in a large organization, you’ve probably experienced this scenario: The CEO presents a new strategy. It’s about world-class