Root Integrated Learning

Skill. Scale. Sustain.

According to Harvard Business Review, 70% of change initiatives fail due to people issues. Some would see that as a people-driven problem. We see it as a people opportunity. We are a company focused on invigorating the power of human beings to make a difference. Making change meaningful and specific to each person. Building knowledge and skills and doing it in a way that elevates the business, the team and individuals.

Boring learning is bad for business and bad for the learner. Engaging, relevant, actionable learning is great for all. Root designs custom learning solutions that empower everyone (and we do mean everyone) to deliver and sustain any change initiative. Whether it’s digital, paper or a blend, our learning design powers real change. Some may call it training, but at Root, we know that training stops short. We deliver interactive and immersive experiences strongly connected to critical knowledge that bridge the gaps between” why we’re changing” and “what we’re changing” to the all-important “how” – meaning “what do I need to do differently to support the change”. In a nutshell, it’s a game changer.

At Root, these experiences can consist of:

In-person group experiences

Root’s workshops, games and instructor-led learning are innovative, experiential, active and constructive. No boring workshops allowed. Most importantly – they deliver proven results.

Digital experiences

Whether it be individual or group learning, our digital capabilities harness the same high-impact, proven formula Root uses in all of our disruptive methods – compelling content + discovery and dialogue + visual impact to deliver experiences and understanding immediately applicable to the business.

Learning journey curriculum development

Detailed curricula are powerful. Root crafts compelling programs using the learner’s perspective to take them on a unique learning journey. Root curricula connect concepts across existing and new learning that stretches from context and content to actual application in performance. The outcome is robust and sustained applied learning.

Using everything from games and simulations, to digital Learning Maps, social media, storytelling, and beyond, we disrupt, engage, and help point everyone in the same direction: forward.

From planning to development and implementation, Root guides your organization through every stage of curriculum development so you can focus on what’s really important, living the change you’re making. Plus, Root focuses on balancing demands of project scope, time frames, cost, and quality to ensure your needs and expectations are consistently exceeded. The result is a competitive advantage because your people have better skills and greater knowledge of the future direction, which accelerates results.

“Root has helped us develop inspired eLearning from new initiatives to employee development. Their expertise in adaptable and innovative curriculum has helped us create programs that impact the daily performance and growth of our diverse employee demographic.” Caribou Coffee

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