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Root Integrated Learning

Calling It Training Would Be an Insult

You can bore people to tears, but you can’t bore them into taking action. Which is, in our estimation, the reason why 70% of corporate change initiatives amount to a pile of bupkis. (According to the folks at Harvard Business Review, who seem fairly on the ball.)

The problem isn’t your people, it’s the process. Instead of turning on the firehose of “expertise,” Root’s methods draw people in, introducing new ideas while integrating their existing skills into the mix. We stimulate their minds, challenge them with practical practice sessions, and guide them to success. No guesswork or grunt work required.

The Three Sides of Our Very Unique Coin:

Live experiences

Learning without the lectures. Games, storytelling, workshops, and simulations that don’t induce eye rolling. Interactive scenarios that are legitimately enjoyable. A lot of work has gone into making these discovery-based sessions feel effortless while being incredibly effective.

Digital discoveries

If you’re used to eLearning that feels a bit too much like 1996, you’re in for a welcome surprise. Designed for both groups and individual learning, our digital resources are bona fide assets. Visually arresting and narratively engrossing, they deliver measurable impact with every pixel.

Compelling curriculum

We create our curricula from the learner’s perspective. Why? Good question. It helps make sure we’re always teaching what they need to know in ways they will actually pay attention to. And we connect the dots between content and application so there’s always a reason to immediately put it into practice.

The End of Herding Cats

Do we go through all this effort – the games, the simulations, the Root Learning Map®, the social media, the storytelling, the et cetera – just to get everyone in alignment? No. Lemmings, after all, are perfectly aligned as they dive off the cliff. We do it to help point everyone in the same strategic direction – making what’s new and different natural and normal. Onward. Upward. Always.

“Root has helped us develop inspired eLearning from new initiatives to employee development. Their expertise in adaptable and innovative curriculum has helped us create programs that impact the daily performance and growth of our diverse employee demographic.” Caribou Coffee



In the time it takes to watch another compilation of Zoom fails, you could be bursting with ways to make the future fantastic.

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