The triumph of rapid change over random chaos

Change comes in many forms. Implementing strategies. Developing and rolling out new systems. Introducing new tools and workflows. Yadda, etc., and onward. It’s often complex. It’s always mission critical. And it’s your job to make it all happen. It’s true.

Your customers’ happiness and employees’ livelihood – not to mention their safety – very often depend on how well you and your team do your job. How your organization responds to threats, seizes opportunities, and resists stagnation. No pressure.

But getting all concerned to embrace those strategic actions is often akin to herding ill-tempered kitties. Fortunately, getting everyone on the bus, on the same page, in sync, on the same wavelength, or of similar mind has been our specialty for over 25 years. So take a deep breath, relax, and unclench.

Harness the power of agility and adaptability

Nimble, flexible, agile, change-ready…every organization’s goal. Says easy, does hard. Getting your people enthused and adopting your change initiative is tricky. So we’ve created a free resource to get them comfortable in an uncomfortable world. Just one click to harness that power. And your email address.
Create Change Mindsets

Be diligent. Be decisive. Be doing.

The days of being able to just keep on keepin’ on are long passed (if they ever really existed). Today’s business climate is one of continuous disruption, reinvention, and refinement. Which creates no small amount of indigestion. It just so happens that providing relief from such dyspepsia is one of our specialties.

Today was tomorrow yesterday

Antiquated processes. Quality assessment quandaries. Safety issues. These are challenges that cannot wait until next week – let alone next year – to fix. And even though your people know things need to change, they feel too overwhelmed to embrace one more “Road to the Future 3.0” plan. So operations continues to slog along, disappointing customers – and possibly endangering employees – along the way.

Trade inertia for initiative

Imagine creating a corporate culture in which each and every new process implementation or strategy proposal was immediately embraced by all your key players. Which leads to you always being on time, on budget, ultra-safe, and beloved by customers. An idea that people from the 1930s might decry as balderdash, we can help make a reality.
Frames - out people are the process

People are the process

The best-laid plans of mice and management often go awry because the very people said plans are supposed to help don’t understand why they should bother. If you want your people to embrace change, they need to know the why, the what, and the wherefore. And, most importantly, how they fit into it all. Yet, connecting all those hearts and minds to your mission demands a quiver or twelve of tactics. Like the kind we’ve been perfecting for the past couple of decades.
Diving with parachute - Trust your people

You hired ‘em, now you need to trust ‘em.

While change can certainly be mandated and thrust upon the masses, rarely does such an approach result in greatness. The change you really want requires something a bit, well, softer. (There, we said it.) A method that combines everything from data and dialogue to visualization and street smarts – among many other things – in ways you never imagined. Trust reigns, expectations are raised and exceeded, and the collective finally becomes a cohesive whole.
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To the smartly swift and agile belong the spoils

For a tick over 30 years, hundreds of the world’s most influential companies have trusted Root to help them make change a matter of course instead of consternation. Our approach is unique. As is the success we bring. We help pave (sustainably) a clear path to business agility, safety, quality, and continuous improvement. So you’re always moving forward as quickly as you deem wise.

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