Root Compass® Manager Development

Accelerate Change Through Your Managers

The fastest way to change your business is through your managers. Your strategy won’t happen without them. They connect the C-suite’s vision directly to where the action is—with individuals on the front line. Managers can make or break change. We want to see them make it.

Sound tough? We don’t think so. It might just be the easiest thing you can do. We believe managers can be storytellers, inspirational coaches, and strategy meaning makers. They can be the strength of your organization—connecting every corner of the company to strategic change. First, you must unleash their potential. Help them be the heroes they were meant to be.

Root Compass® Manager Development: A Navigation System for Leaders

Managers need a leadership navigation system to thrive in the real world—not a bunch of training classes. No matter the change or challenge they face (like “do more with less,” “we’ve just acquired a company,” or “deliver that product in half the time”), they need to be able to plug in the coordinates and go.

The Root Compass® Manager Development experience is unlike any other manager development program: We create conversation. We divine insights. We deepen skills. We keep it real. Because theory doesn’t drive change. Action does.

We’ve done our homework and our methods are proven. High-performing managers have four major things in common. Our eight-module Root Compass® Manager Development program is shaped around those four things:

  • Understanding the role and true purpose of a manager
  • Knowing the business well
  • Connecting the team to strategy
  • Using leadership skills like relationship building, communication, coaching, and celebrating to ignite team performance and deliver the right business outcomes

Transforming Your Managers

At Root, we don’t train managers. We transform them. Whether it’s setting up new managers for success or enhancing the effectiveness of seasoned ones, our street-smart approach packs a powerful punch.

Throughout the Experience, Managers:

Gain clarity

Managers recognize their success rests on their ability to inspire and lead a high-performing team.

Focus on what matters to the business

We ensure managers see the big picture of the business and know exactly where their teams fit in.

Learn the easy way

Leading people is hard enough without complicating it with buzzwords and academia. We give managers simple processes that are easy to remember and use. Every. Single. Day.

Won’t sit still

Root knows how best to engage learners—it’s what we’re famous for! We keep learning fun and memorable, with manager involvement, storytelling, analysis, and real-world opportunities to practice tough conversations.

Aren’t alone

We believe in a learner-centric approach, where facilitators guide rather than teach. Managers own the experience, openly sharing strengths, stories, and struggles—and best of all—learning from each other.

Commit to change and then actually do it

New habits take time, commitment, and simple triggers to take hold. We’ll help you plan and implement the most effective solutions to hardwire change. Managers will come away with easy methods and tools to create lasting change.

A Variety of Tools Keeps It Fun and Effective

The experience incorporates a variety of disruptive methods like Root Learning Map® experiences, modules, games, videos, assessments, visual exercises, building blocks, role-playing, an app, and journaling to keep it fun and uniquely effective. Because our system is memorable and easy to apply, it has higher adoption, noticeable behavior change, and an impact on the business right away.

Powerful Results

Managers who go through the Root Compass® experience get results by becoming exceptional leaders who power change. They learn to provide the support and knowledge teams need to feel empowered, trusted, and engaged—all the things required for high-performing teams!

“This was a great experience because it gave our leaders the chance for self-reflection and the opportunity to truly learn from each other. We are proud of the work we’ve done and our partnership with Root.” American Airlines

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Root Compass® Navigation System for Leaders

The eight-module Root Compass® Manager Development program focuses on the key capabilities managers need to build high performing teams and achieve lasting results for your business.


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