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Lead From the Middle

Contrary to cultural corporate folklore, the role of middle management is not to insulate the C-suite from the hue and cry of the rank and file. In truth, your managers are the glue that holds the company together, connecting the vision of the higher-ups with the frontline folks in their charge.

Just because someone was promoted to management doesn’t make them a natural motivator of or mentor to their people. And with the myriad of pressures they face every day from both below and above their spots on the org chart, they could use a little guidance to get them – and the company – where they need to be.

Providing that guidance is the goal of the Root Compass® Manager Development experience.

Everywhere It Points Is True North

Of course we’re not going to call something a compass and not illustrate it as such. And like the real thing, the Root Compass® prevents managers from wandering in circles. But unlike your old Scout compass, ours always points in the right direction.

After years of our own development and research (so, so many three-ring binders), we determined that great managers have four things in common. Not surprisingly, those four things are the focus of the program. High-performing managers all:

  1. Understand the true role and purpose of a manager
  2. Know the business incredibly well at both a macro (corporate) and micro (team) level
  3. Connect their team’s role to the overall company strategy
  4. Use their leadership skills to ignite team performance and deliver the right business outcomes

So it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4, right? Almost.


Can’t-Miss Manager Development

Learn how the Root Compass® always points managers in the right direction.
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Designed to Be Exactly Like You Wouldn’t Expect

The Root Compass® Manager Development experience is comprised of eight modules. And having modules is just about the only thing our program has in common with typical corporate leadership training. Thank goodness.

In typical Root fashion, we like to mix things up to maximize attention and retention. Instead of stuffy corporate trainers, our experience guides (yes, we know that sounds a little psychedelic) take the road less traveled with games, films, role-playing, narrative stories, journaling, our Root Learning Map® experience, and other solutions. Because it’s actually interesting and easy to apply, it rapidly creates noticeable behavior changes that positively affect the company. Also, our guides have been barred from using buzzwords. You’re welcome.

And since you’re wondering, yes, the Root Compass® Manager Development experience can be delivered in person face-to-face, virtually, or any combination to support your more far-flung team members.

Results That Represent

Managers who are experienced go on to rapidly become the leaders your teams respect and your company craves to keep. They possess a clarity of purpose and a willingness to make whatever changes are necessary to fulfill that purpose. They support their teams and lead by example, even beyond bringing breakfast burritos – although they’ll definitely help the company bring home the bacon.

"This was a great experience because it gave our leaders the chance for self-reflection and the opportunity to truly learn from each other. We are proud of the work we’ve done and our partnership with Root." American Airlines



In the time it takes to watch another compilation of Zoom fails, you could be bursting with ways to make the future fantastic.

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