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You’re here because your organization needs to change. This guide will help! Activate strategy and culture, accelerate technology adoption, build strong talent, and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

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You know that change is hard, it takes time and often fails.  This is your chance to succeed with a different approach and experts to lead you to results.

70% of the Fortune 50 Rely on Root
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What’s Holding you Back?

Bring in the Experts

You wouldn’t remove your own appendix, would you? Bring in a change expert who’s done it successfully thousands of times.

Get Everyone in the Game

Remember when your employee told you how inspiring that email or PPT slide was? No? There’s a better way to connect hearts and minds to your new strategy.

Take out an Insurance Policy

How much time and money have your leaders invested in creating your strategy or culture? Take out an insurance policy to ensure everyone understands their impact on the strategy and results.

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Eliminating Change Risks

Every company has a story, has a strategy behind that story, has people to support that strategy and at an increasingly frequent rate, needs to make change happen in their company. We know that bringing that change story and strategy to life with everyone in the organization is hard.  There’s a lot of scrutiny and pressure to deliver, with the odds stacked against success. 

We founded this company more than 30 years ago to help leaders like you significantly improve those odds. We know that our client partnerships helped change company performance trajectories, improved engagement, grew capabilities and built careers.

Even more challenging is the imperative to authentically mobilize people to enable them to let go of past practices and embrace new behaviors.

We have clients that we’ve been working with for 20 plus years and I believe that stems from sustaining strong relationships that are built on trust, partnership and a mutual desire to deliver meaningful results.

Chairman and Co-founder
Jim Haudan


Change success starts with knowledge of why the change is happening, what needs to change and how everyone contributes.


Everyone needs to hear a compelling story for change and feel like they are a part of that change journey.


Converging intellectual understanding with emotional connections creates breakthrough change. This is Root’s sweet spot.

“Root’s approach is different than most in that you “tell it like it is” and get to the heart of the matter about what is required for successful and lasting change, even if that message means personal change for top leaders involved, as it did for myself.”

Chairman, President and CEO, PulteGroup

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a boutique firm help a big company like mine?

Root has helped 70% of the Fortune 50 successfully create change and more than 900 Global 2000 size organizations. Don’t worry smaller companies use our methodology too.

We have to go fast!  How long does the Root Change Process take?

You need to go at the pace that ensures everyone is along on the ride. Putting a date on a calendar doesn’t ensure success.

Is Root’s methodology for us?

Whether you’re looking to build skills, improve engagement, rollout out new technology, improve the patient or customer experience, implement a new strategy – it all requires some type of change. Root’s interactive and discovery-based approach promotes an emotional and intellectual connection to your change.

Who creates the content?

You are the expert on your business and we’re the experts at engaging your people in your specific strategies and initiatives. Your content, plus our methodology, equals one awesome change.

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