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Root helps companies connect people and culture to strategy.

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Leaders aren’t spending enough time getting clear on the overall company strategy, so they’re sending mixed messages to the business, causing confusion and disengagement.

Transform the Business  

Managers have to translate those messages and bring the strategy to life with their team with minimal to no leadership training.

Effectively Train Managers  

Doers are given a dizzying array of priorities and conflicting direction, so they act on their own, doing what they’ve always done.

Engage Your People  

Customers come to your business based on brand promises. Mixed messages and no clear strategic direction means their expectations can never be met.

Build Customers for Life  

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Root has helped more than 900 companies, including 66% of the Fortune 50, deploy their strategies, create cultures, and develop impactful training. We do this by combining storytelling, creative approaches, and, business acumen that actually engages your people in the business.

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