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Change now.
THERE IS NO later.

The world’s most respected companies don’t remain the world’s best companies by standing still. For 30+ years, they’ve trusted Root to help activate and accelerate strategic change at every level – solving critical challenges, elevating cultures and building capabilities for results, and, to be honest, fun.


Use Digital and Virtual Solutions to quickly connect your people to culture and strategies, build skills, empower managers and keep your people engaged from anywhere.


Don’t just sit there — Change.

If you don’t, who will? Bob in Accounts Payable? Hardly. Now is your chance to try something new. Well, new to you. Our efforts have resulted in great, ahem, great results for decades. If they didn’t, we couldn’t make these bar graphs.

70% of the Fortune 50 rely on Root

0% 100

900+ global companies helped

0 1000

Millions of people connected to change strategies

0 Bajillions

Change that sticks is our specialty.

Procrastination masquerading as patience is no virtue. From our very first conversation, Root can help start your organization down a more righteous (as in the 80s slang usage) road:

Success starts with knowing why strategic change is needed, what must change, and who brings the strategy to life (everyone).

Know it

Everybody wants to believe they’re a part of rewriting the story, not just along for the ride.

Feel it

We combine the smarts with the hearts to create and accelerate real change that really sticks. In a good way.

Root it

9 Change Secrets

Change is hard. You know it. We know it. But you know what? We know stuff about how to create change. So get our stuff. In this offer. That’s free. We promise this 9-Step “How to Change” paper will get you and yours headed in the right direction.

Grab the How-to Paper

30 years of restacking the deck

Every company has a story, a strategy behind that story, and people to support that strategy - and at an increasingly frequent rate, changes that need to be made. We know that bringing that change story and strategy to life with everyone in the organization is hard. There’s a lot of scrutiny and pressure to deliver, with the odds stacked against success.

We founded this company more than 30 years ago to help leaders like you significantly improve those odds. We know that our client partnerships have helped change company performance trajectories, improve engagement, grow capabilities, and build careers.
Even more challenging is the imperative to authentically mobilize people to enable them to let go of past practices and embrace new behaviors.

We have clients that we’ve been working with for over 20 years, and I believe that stems from sustaining strong relationships that are built on trust, partnership, and a mutual desire to deliver meaningful results.

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Jim Haudan

Chairman & Co-Founder


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