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Change is hard. It takes time. It’s uncomfortable and rarely sticks—unless you rethink the way you do it. Our approach is proven, and we do it in a way that’s memorable, purposeful, and most importantly, fun.

Explore how Root's proven approach creates change.

Define Your Future

Ensure your leaders are aligned on the current state and have a clear vision for the future and a common understanding of the journey to bridge those gaps.

Build an Organizational Movement

To make change happen, everyone must be emotionally and intellectually connected to it, transforming them from bystanders to advocates.

Create Lasting Change

For change to stick, people require new skills and new processes. And leaders need a feedback loop to find out what’s working and what’s not.

What's New

The Pot Stirrer

A cooking show with business leaders. One part cooking show, one part business talk show, The Pot Stirrer brings together leaders from the world’s most disruptive companies to find out the “secret sauce” behind their success.

Start Cooking Up Success

New Book: Blind Spots

Many current beliefs about how to run organizations date back to the Industrial Age. It’s time for leaders to rethink long-held and no longer relevant approaches to managing people and organizations.

Learn About the Book

The Power of Change

Our disruptive methods use a combination of art and science to create experiences that connect, build, and transform. We help launch strategies, change cultures, and transform managers, altering the trajectory of organizations and accelerating success.

The Stories People are Telling

Skeptical Guy

This guy can make or break your next change initiative. Include him in the why, what and how of the strategy, and you will see a difference in the results!


Your biggest fan is about to have a bad time and they will make sure everyone knows about it. Might be time to revisit your customer experience strategy.


A patient already has a lot on their plate, scheduling tests and dealing with paper work shouldn't be another burden for them.

HR Manager

Having fun activities at work and giving out t-shirts doesn't really keep people from leaving. Let's start giving people what they really want at work.


Your managers have never been given the tools and capabilities they need to lead and motivate their teams, which means you'll never see the change you want.

The Millenial

Millennials want to do their best, so take more than an hour to engage them in the big picture and show them how they fit into the new strategy.


It can be tough to create an awesome strategy, send it out into the organization, and then see it go nowhere. Make sure your next strategy is a success.

Root has worked with more than 900 global companies, including 70% of the Fortune 50, helping them successfully create change.

Read the case study

Read the case study

Read the case study

Read the case study


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