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Copying Encouraged

Ever notice how your best people seem to get the job done regardless of what institutional jackassery might stand in their way? We have. In fact, that observation is the key to spreading success throughout your company.

Because unlike Ms. Vandersmack in freshman health class, we encourage copying. Of behaviors, thought patterns, work processes, and anything else your most successful folks do on a daily basis.

So we study your organization’s teams at every level, figuring out what separates the mere churners from the champions. And then we help you scale those findings and then make the former more like the latter.

Making your company more powerful and more profitable in the process.


Know Their Why Before You Whiff on the What

At some point, every family-based sitcom features a bit where Bumbling Dad gives Longsuffering Mom a lovely vacuum cleaner and has no idea why she’s so upset about not getting a trip to Hawaii (“But it’s a Dyson!”), let alone why 1940s gender norms aren’t cool anymore.

Too often in the corporate world, leadership plays the role of Dad doling out new strategies, processes, tech, and tools that are intended to be helpful but don’t always live up to expectations. Leaving all involved wondering what happened and why.

So try something else. Something we like to call “asking” (aka “user research”). The simple truth is that we ask the people in your organization for their thoughts on the company, their role in it, their needs (practical and developmental), and their perceived obstacles.

Of course, we do it all in a cohesive, systematic way that delivers real, actionable answers to leadership. So instead of producing changes that, to stretch our opening metaphor, everyone rolls their eyes at, they create inclusive, inviting strategies. Strategies that make the entire company pile into the largest family truckster ever and head on down the road to change together.

Reinventing Reinvention

Implementing change has never been a one-and-done affair. Or a set-it-and-forget-it exercise. Or a… you get the idea. Now that you’ve started seeing a bit of success with your new strategy or IT implementation, you notice you’re also seeing a fair share of, shall we say, inertia among the ranks.

Too often, the rate of adoption of even the most popular initiatives varies widely from department to department and person to person simply because we allow it to “run its course” instead of steering said course. On top of that, even a well-planned, well-executed change will be met with pushback by the natural skeptics within the ranks. Especially Randy in Accounts Receivable.

If this all sounds a bit too familiar, fret not. We can dive in and discover where and why resistance exists – and what to do about it. Methodically, not magically (okay, a little bit magically), over a much briefer period of time than you’d otherwise experience.

Before you know it, everyone is headed in the same direction. Even Randy.



In the time it takes to watch another compilation of Zoom fails, you could be bursting with ways to make the future fantastic.

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