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Observe. Replicate. Succeed. Repeat.

No matter the size, every organization is a collection of smaller teams (functional, business lines, or any other combination). Some succeed. Some struggle.

Why? To us, this isn’t just a philosophical question. The answer is clear. It’s the people and their habits, behaviors, or processes that are the definitive difference makers. Because the best performers always find the best way to get the job done really well, despite what they’ve been told to do.

Root Insights studies organizational teams on every level. Like corporate anthropologists, our team uncovers what makes them tick. We observe. We analyze. We recommend. We scale.

Root Insights creates meaning for organizations by helping to uncover the true current state — why certain things work well and others not so much.

  • We make change initiatives reverberate.
  • We ensure the strategy, behaviors, or processes are taking hold.

Essential to this is helping many adopt the success routines of the few.

Changing at the speed of business requires insights.

Wondering how it impacts a business? Use the calculator below to see how much of a difference it can make to close the performance gap.

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Move Your Average Performers to Top Performers

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Turn These Into Real Results

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