Happy people make people happy. And even if that sounds like a bit of fortune cookie wisdom, science says it’s so (but we’ll leave you to Google it on your own). So if you want to create happy customers, start by creating a happy team.

When your people understand the why, what, and how of your CX strategy and their responsibilities in making it succeed, they’re more than willing to jump in and do their parts. Resulting in an armada of happy warriors whose great attitudes and even better service keep you a cut above the competition, no matter how wild and wacky other aspects of CX evolve. Hit the button below for a step-by-step how-to for upping your CX game.
Make your CX sing


Some customers will forgive you for a bad experience. But more than one in three will not. They’re lost. Gone, but not forgotten to your bottom line.
Do your employees really understand their role in keeping customers happy? That their disaffected attitudes lead directly to dissatisfied customers? And if they don’t, what do you do? For starters, keep reading.


The customer may not always be right or even reasonable, but when their needs are met promptly and proactively, you get real results. But everyone – even your eccentric CEO – has to be on board. Imagine if:

Company leaders had a clear CX vision and a clear idea of how to make it happen

Managers were not just empowered, but emboldened to execute that vision

Frontline employees went from punching a clock to pursuing customer happiness


Activating your CX vision begins at home. By which we mean your office. By which we mean your employees. Which means we help you:

Get your leadership ducks in a row, with everyone aligned on a CX strategy that differentiates your company according to its particular DNA – the behaviors, culture, and beliefs that make it, well, it

Make sure every single person in the company – from front line to back office – understands their role in delivering great customer experiences

Enable managers to create a work environment so rewarding that no one ever has “a case of the Mondays”

Give frontline folks the permission and power to make every customer experience an exceptionally satisfying one


Make your most valuable assets your most valuable players

If your employees aren’t active participants in making customers happy, you’re not just leaving money on the table – you’re shoveling it straight into your competitors’ coffers. Instead, let’s connect them directly to the how, what, and why of your CX strategy. We can help, but you have to click the white box first.
CX Experts are Standing By

First, we’ll turn you inside out. Then you’ll thank us for it.

Relax. At Root, we don’t believe in disruption for disruption’s sake. But we also don’t believe in avoiding disruption for the sake of soothed egos. Our mission, and we’ve definitely chosen to accept it, is to help you dig up the dots and connect them between your leaders, managers, employees, and customers in a way that puts that last group first (that would be the customers for those in the back). We help you unlock everyone’s potential – even Todd in accounts receivable – and tie their talents to your strategic plans. And the best part is, when everything is said and done, your people will embrace every change as their own. Because that’s exactly what they’ll be.

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