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Customer Experience

Your customer experience (CX) will never exceed your employee experience (EX). It’s your employees that set you apart in a world where customer expectations never stop changing and competition is fierce. Check out the resource below for the key ingredients and step-by-step recipe to elevate your customer experience.

Cooking up a 5-Star CX

Disengaged Employees Are Your Biggest Threat

1 in 3 customers walks away from a brand they love after one bad experience. Your employees likely don’t understand the true effect they have on your customers and you’re struggling to get buy-in from the business. What do you do?

Build Customer-First Mindset

Imagine if…

  • Every employee embodied a customer-first mindset in their approach to work.
  • You had a clear CX vision and your leaders were fully aligned on what it is and how to bring it to life.
  • Managers were empowered to activate your CX vision
  • Your front line employees are equipped and excited to deliver authentic customer experiences

Activate Your CX Vision

There’s a better way to bring your CX vision to life by focusing on your employee experience first.

  • Align your leaders on a differentiated CX strategy that includes your unique DNA – your behaviors and culture
  • Connect every person’s role in the company – not just the front line – to your CX vision
  • Build manager capabilities to create an employee experience that enables your vision
  • Empower all front line employees to deliver authentic customer experiences

Disengaged Employees Are Costing You Millions

Your people are your most valuable asset. Connect them to the why, what, and how of your CX strategy. Give them clear process, direction and tools to bring it to life.

Connect with CX experts

We Are Client Fanatics Passionate About Building Client Fanatics

At Root, we believe every single customer interaction is significant, and that everyone across your organizations is capable of greatness. Our mission is to connect the dots, from leaders to managers to the front line to the customer. We enable you to bridge the gaps between your CX strategy, strategy execution and strategic results. We don’t approach things as a corporate mandate. Instead, we want your people to own it.

“We will continue to use [the program] wherever we can since it has been instrumental in helping to achieve our guest experience goals.”
Marc Giles, Aer Lingus

Meet the Experts

Move the Needle on CX

In the amount of time it takes for the food you ordered online to be delivered, let us help you come up with a plan to get your people knocking your customer experience out of the park. Let's talk today.

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Technology Adoption 

Technology without adoption cannot succeed, and adoption without people is impossible. Find out why.


There’s a way to bridge the gap from strategy creation and activation to strategic results. Get the answer.

Unlocking Talent 

Unlock your talent to keep pace with the breakneck speed of change in your business.