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Creating Customer Loyalty that Lasts a Lifetime

Customer loyalty is what everyone’s after, and it can only happen when organizations consistently deliver a differentiated, seamless, and authentic experience in every action and interaction, with every customer, every time.

“Their philosophy stands out to me. I like the way they talk about customer/employee engagement - they’re two pillars of equal importance. Combining this thinking with Root’s capabilities has helped us elevate our customer experience even further.” Research Specialist, Farm Credit Services of America

Ask yourself the tough questions:

  • Do we really have a customer experience strategy? A real strategy? If yes, are our leaders aligned around it?
  • Are our people inspired by that strategy?
  • Do they know where they fit in?
  • Do we have the momentum to create an organizational movement?
  • How well are our managers equipped to lead change?
  • What’s our sustainment plan to ensure lasting change?

If your answer is no, or I don’t know, to any of the above, you’re at risk! The odds are, your competition is trying to figure it out too. Or maybe they already have…

That’s where Root comes in. The secret formula for success lies in the ability to create a customer-first culture, empower managers to act like owners, and deliver authentic experiences through the front line.

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We work to connect the C-suite with the front lines, making sure those who deal directly with customers reflect your brand and your strategy. We help them understand and embody the bigger picture of success and see how their actions directly affect the whole.

At Root, we believe that no customer interaction is insignificant, and that your people are capable of greatness across the organization. It is our mission to connect the dots, making it meaningful, lasting, and even fun. We don’t approach things as a corporate mandate. Instead, we want your people to own it.

“One thing we know to be true is the customer experience will never exceed the employee experience. You must ask yourself: Does our employee experience allow our people to bring the best of themselves to work so they can then deliver the best customer experience possible?” Phil Hamburg, Vice President, Strategic Growth, Root Inc.

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