Meredith Belman

Partner, Consulting

Meredith is a Partner at Root, focusing on retail, hospitality, and food service. In her role, Meredith works with leaders to gain clarity on their strategy, execute large change initiatives, and find new ways to engage employees. Meredith’s expertise is in developing, executing, and communicating culture change strategies that unlock performance by amplifying the unique contribution of all employees. She is passionate about creating solutions that connect frontline employees, managers, corporate team members, franchisees, and all other stakeholders to the brand.

Emphasizing user-centered design and innovation, Meredith has worked with clients such as Hilton, Target, Uber, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Anytime Fitness. Meredith also leads Root’s strategic account competency center, growing Root’s capabilities as a business and curating the best practices across our accounts.

Before joining Root, Meredith ran her own manufacturing business. She completed her MBA at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and has a bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan. While she now lives in Chicago, her loyalty will forever be as a Cleveland sports fan.

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