Beaumont Hospitals has served southeast Michigan since 1955, growing from one small facility to a two-hospital regional medical center. Today, its medical staff includes more than 2,400 physicians representing more than 91 medical and surgical specialties. Root partnered with Beaumont as it was embarking on a new strategy to unify the centers under a “OneBeaumont” banner.

The Big Challenge

Beaumont had an excellent reputation and enviable share of the market, but new local providers were offering improved services. Beaumont knew it needed to change to maintain its leadership position yet communicating and operationalizing a new strategy to internal and external stakeholders – physicians, nurses, donors, local community leaders and employees – would be quite a challenge.

Two Entities Become One

Its new strategy focused on integrating the two hospitals into a single “OneBeaumont” entity. This required change across a number of fronts, from merging internal processes and departments to defining a culture and values to the promotion of a common patient experience and continuum of care. Luckily, Beaumont had a new CEO who was vested in the need to change.

Disruptive Tools

Our Immersive Process

  1. Together, Root and Beaumont created a suite of four Learning Map® modules to help define, engage, connect, and create rapid meaningful change with the stakeholders. The Maps explored:
    • Current marketplace realities
    • The organization’s strategic response
    • Financial realities
    • The “Beaumont Experience” patient experience strategy
  2. The Learning Maps and the experience around them were collaboratively designed to highlight key success drivers from both a financial and patient experience perspective, explained the details of the change – including the reasons for it and how teams and individuals could connect their roles to the changes – and ensured all stakeholders were vested in the transformational effort.
  3. Developed interactive learning sessions with 3D technology and innovative design creating an engaging, immersive learning experience.
  4. Carefully selected and trained facilitators. Some served as part of a feedback loop and helped identify ways to drive further implementation and bring everyone together under the OneBeaumont umbrella.
  5. The organizational transformation was sponsored by the senior leadership team at every key milestone, adding to the project’s success.
  6. Employee sessions were four hours held at a central training facility and employees were paid to attend.
  7. Pre- and post-experience surveys were electronically fielded on representative content to measure knowledge transfer.


  • 16,000 employees in 120 different sessions over 13 weeks
  • Two-day kick-off event for 400 top leaders, physicians, and board members where the CEO’s introduction was taped and subsequently used at other sessions.
  • The iterative, collaborative materials development process, guided by visual metaphors, aligned the project team and senior leadership group around the strategic imperatives
  • The methodology of self-discovery and dialogue has become “hard-wired” into the OneBeaumont culture.
  • Modules have been added to the on-boarding experience, linking all strategic goals back to OneBeaumont and providing critical context.
  • The core project team remains intact and will serve as the nexus for a new leadership council leading new initiatives.

“The Root team was dedicated, responsive, insightful, and productive throughout the process. We’re very pleased with the early results of our efforts to connect our employees to our strategic plan. Feedback was very positive, and many commented that they couldn’t wait for their staffs to go through the learning experience.”

– Ken Matzick, CEO

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