Changing the Way Organizations Change

The bigger the organization, the harder it is to get your message, mission, vision, purpose, strategy, story, culture, and initiatives to the front line, and the more difficult it is to make change happen.

We know successful change requires organizations to break free from traditional approaches. Because change isn’t owned by consultants or leaders—it belongs to literally everyone.

Unique Capabilities

Breakthrough thinking requires unique capabilities. Our people bring a wealth of experience in filmmaking, ethnography, design thinking, user experience, business strategy, learning, programming, gaming, and the list goes on. It is this interesting combination of capabilities that sparks the disruptive methods that deliver breakthrough results.

We use a combination of art, science, and engagement to connect, to build, and to spread. Using visuals instead of spreadsheets. Stories instead of fact sheets. Videos instead of slide decks. Experiences instead of memos. Helping change cultures, transform managers, alter the trajectory of organizations, and accelerate and scale success.

We Transform People

We have helped two-thirds of all Fortune 50 companies. Simply put, we understand the way people work. For change to truly gain traction, we use stories, visuals, metaphors, and immersive experiences. In the end, we transform people by getting them out of their comfort zones and building their own conclusions. This makes it memorable. Purposeful. Fun. And, most importantly, transformative.

“Root has been a tremendous partner with us in our company’s strategic transformation, taking the time to really get to know us, and our situation. Root’s processes are valuable and even enjoyable, making for meaningful and memorable learning and execution for our employees.”
Corporate Vice President, Dow

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