About Root Inc.

We Don’t Just Manage Change – We Take Charge of It!

A good strategy, well-executed, outpaces a great strategy that never makes it out of the boardroom – every time.

More than 25 years ago, we set out to help businesses get their strategy out of the boardroom and into the hearts and minds of everyone in the organization. We’ve taken a lot of notes from working with the world’s most influential companies. We find they all face similar challenges.


Leaders aren’t aligned on the strategy they just created. 56% of them don’t even believe in those strategies.


Managers are ill-prepared to lead the change.

Front line

The front line lacks visibility beyond the task in front of them.


Customers are made promises that are not fulfilled.

Root Bridges Canyons

Change is not fueled by knowledge alone; it requires an emotional connection. People need to know: why the organization is changing, what is changing, and how they, as individuals, need to change. When done well, this approach leads to inspiration, motivation, excitement, engagement, and most of all, a passion to change.

Experience the Canyon

Proven Expertise

Whether you're activating strategies, adopting technology, boosting customer experiences or building the talent of your people, most change strategies fail within 12 months. Root has 25+ years of experience making strategy and culture change stick because it engages people both intellectually and emotionally. More than 900 Global 2000 companies worldwide have worked with Root including 70% of the Fortune 50.

Elevate Customer Experiences

If you want your CX to change, you’ve got to engage your people in a different way, a better way.

Activate Strategies

There’s a way to bridge the gap from strategy creation and activation to strategic results. Get the answer.

Increase Technology Adoption

Technology without adoption cannot succeed, and adoption without people is impossible. Find out why.

Unlock Talent and Capabilities

Cultivate your talent to keep pace with the breakneck speed of change in your business. Get everyone change ready.

The Root Difference

Over the past 25 years, we’ve developed a proven process using disruptive methods to create and accelerate change. A well-crafted formula of visualization, data, dialogue and group discussion is at the core of our solutions

Visuals and Metaphors

People learn 11% from what they hear and 83% from what they see.

Visual metaphors make complex information, data, and abstract concepts simple. They bring out the drama, tell the story of your business and help everyone understand the case for change.


People will tolerate the conclusions of their leaders, but act based on their own conclusions.

Allowing everyone to discover the same information allows individuals to come to the same conclusion as their leaders and take action.


Creating a company of business people means everyone makes informed decisions based on their understanding of the business metrics.

Transforming boring spreadsheets into infographics turns data into action.

Group Discussion

Facilitated rather than taught, conversation vs. one-way lecture leads to interactivity, connectivity, shared perspectives and a memorable experience that sparks change.

These methods and people are behind all the unique and innovative solutions we provide today to help our clients with:

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Culture Change
  • Company Mergers
  • Customer Experience
  • Patient Experience
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Business acumen
  • Financial literacy

Root’s Uniquely Formulated Team

The unique composition of our people is our secret sauce and key to the success of our client engagements. We blend a wide variety of talents and capabilities.

Root’s Uniquely Formulated Team

The unique composition of our people is our secret sauce and key to the success of our client engagements. We blend a wide variety of talents and capabilities.

Our Clients

We work with many of the Fortune 2000, a lot of the Fortune 500, and two-thirds of the Fortune 50. Below are some stats that show how we have helped our clients. To learn more take a look at our case studies or click a box below!


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