Root Continuum

Giving Your Mission Momentum

Change is hard. Successful change is harder. Making that successful change permanent is harder still. Because you don’t just want people to buy in to what you’re doing, you need them to be sold out for the strategic cause. (Assuming, of course, you want your strategy to succeed.)

So how do you make sure your people both understand your new strategy (“What should I be doing differently?”) and are emotionally invested in it (“Do I feel good about these changes?”) so that it sticks? That’s the job of the Root Continuum®.

Create a Loop, Not an Echo Chamber.

The Root Continuum® is the guiding light that helps make your change initiative successful. Using qualitative and quantitative feedback from employees, we learn whether your new strategy is reaching both their minds and hearts. If not, we adjust as necessary and repeat. And we’ve made it as easy as possible – dare we say, enjoyable? – for all involved, so nothing slows your strategy down.


Sustainability of the Success Kind

The Continuum® doesn’t stop with the initial rollout, though. Over the ensuing 12 months, it continues gathering feedback – opinions and observations that help us create a series of ongoing messaging through multiple touchpoints to reinforce your new collective way of thinking and doing.

In short, this assessment helps leaders stay focused on making the strategy stick long after the launch has faded from view.



In the time it takes to watch another compilation of Zoom fails, you could be bursting with ways to make the future fantastic.

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