Root Continuum

Measuring Emotion. Better Managing Change.

For change to truly take hold it requires both understanding and an emotional connection. Change can be scary and people need to process both “what do I need to do differently”, and “how do I really feel about this change?” Even change for the better can spark fear or uncertainty and in the excitement leaders have for a new initiative both the intellectual and emotional connection is sometimes overlooked.

Root Continuum Offers Leaders Critical Insights

Qualitative and quantitative data that measures employees understanding of the strategy and if it resonates with them emotionally.

Opportunities to refine the strategy by identifying areas that are unclear to the business or require more authentic, informed and meaningful two-way conversations.

Additional evaluation of the feedback by Root leads to the creation of a series of ongoing touchpoints to help continue the strategy conversation long after initial strategy deployment.

The Root Continuum also offers value, when appropriate, for frontline leaders. It contains videos, checklists, guided team conversations, feedback loops, and more!

The Root Coninuum allows Leaders, Managers, and Key Individuals to:

Experience Sustained Change

Root Continuum enhances the Root Learning Map experience by reinforcing an organization’s key messages. Being able to gauge people’s understanding of the initiative and how well it’s resonating allows leaders to actualize the culture shift. Too many organizations fall short deploying a new initiative and crossing their fingers. Root Continuum ensures organizations stay focused beyond the initial rollout so they see results.

Find out what Root Continuum could look like – and how your organization’s change could really stick.

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