The problem isn’t that your people are better than you realize. It’s that your current structure, culture, or systems prevent their promise from being completely realized. And having folks give their full effort just to achieve halfway decent results is no pathway to success in today’s world of industry disruption. We can help unleash the smart, strategic beast within so your people aren’t just ready for what’s next, they’re creating it.

5 Surefire Ways to Unlock Your Talent

Talent plateaued is talent in decline

People can handle a little chaos, a bit of politics, and even a few too many meeting requests in their workday. What they really struggle with is the rapid pace of change affecting your industry (and it affects them all). It’s up to you to help them push their brains and stretch their skills so they – and by turns your company – are writing the future instead of fearing it. Consider this:

Give everyone a reason instead of just a role

Sure, everyone has their part to play. And even if everyone can’t be a star rainmaker, imagine if, at the very least, everyone thought they could win the Best Supporting Colleague award at your end-of-the-year gala. Why, it might look something like this:

  • Everyone from the CEO to the newest intern has the skills and stamina to handle any change the industry throws at them
  • Your talent strategy syncs with and supports your overall strategy
  • Every single person not only views their position as important to the success of the company, they actually act like it

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that if your company looked like the above, you’d be leaving the competition far behind.

Ready or not, here tomorrow comes

The winds of change are blowing and, like an 80s power ballad, they may hit you like a hurricane. By using Root’s creative methodologies, you can futureproof your people and stay calm in the coming storm. Areas we tackle include:

  • Refining your purpose until it’s clearly defined, clearly compelling, and clearly yours and yours alone
  • Identifying better ways of connecting people to your purpose – and theirs
  • Shifting people’s reaction from WTF to WGT (we got this)
  • Making sure your talent development programs are robust and agile enough to handle today’s business and tomorrow’s uncertainties

Ready to make the intangibles tantalizing

Your people are your most valuable asset. So valuable, in fact, that you should probably never refer to them as “assets.” It’s a bit cold. Instead, try giving them reasons to come to work every day beyond the paycheck and 401(k) match. What would those reasons be? Click the pink box to find out.

Power to your people

Until Alexa, Siri, and Cortana unite to form a triumvirate of formless robotic tyranny, businesses will continue to be run by people. And we’re pretty stoked by that. You can tell, because we just used “stoked” in a semi-professional setting.

Our goal is help you help your people not just be all they can be, but be more than they imagined. By weaving purpose into everything they do and creating pathways to future success. Not with a catalog of prefab “training modules,” but with solutions built from a combination of our expertise and your company’s core DNA.

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