Unlocking Talent

Don’t look now, but there’s more change coming. Are your people ready for what’s next? What about the thing after that? Unlock your talent to keep pace with the breakneck speed of change in your business.

Grow Your People’s Skills At The Speed of Change

It is up to you to create meaningful work where your people can evolve their skills to deliver your strategy and meet the needs of your business. If you don’t, your people will find someone else who will.

Connecting Skills To Purpose To Performance

Imagine if…

  • Every leader, manager and individual had the capability, sense of ownership, and resilience to quickly adapt to the business change before them.
  • Your talent strategy clearly aligned with your company strategy so that you are agile and ready to develop the necessary skills to deliver what the business needs today and tomorrow.
  • Every. Single. Person. was fully engaged in the purpose of their work resulting in greater individual and team performance to realize your strategy.

Cultivating Talent For The Future

Using creative methodology, visualization, and dialogue, build the skills your people need now to quickly adapt to the change at hand and prepare for the future.

  • Ensure your purpose is clear, compelling and uniquely yours
  • Assess your employee journey to identify opportunities to better connect people to your purpose
  • Develop your people to be change ready and change resilient
  • Align your talent development with the critical needs of the business today through relevant, agile programs and resources

Your People Are Your Most Valuable Asset. Prove To Them That They Matter.

Call it Employee Value Proposition. Call it the employee journey. Just don’t call it superficial or soft stuff.

Step on the accelerator to ensure your talent development efforts are moving at the pace of change, not the pace of an annual calendar.

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People Are At The Heart Of It All

Root is founded by people, operated by people, and thriving because of people. We believe in the power of human connection and the importance of investing in each other to make a difference in the world.

With Root, unlocking talent is more than just yesterday’s talent development. It’s a new way of thinking about your employee journey to thread purpose and meaning throughout so that your people bring their full capabilities to the table.

It’s not just a catalog of training modules. We’re building solutions that directly speak to the capabilities and skills that your people need for today– and tomorrow – to activate your strategy, maximize technology adoption and drive your customer experience.

“We cannot think of a more effective way of engaging people around our vision… Four Seasons came out of the process as an organization that is more skilled at engaging our people in what our vision and strategy is all about.”
Senior Leader, Four Seasons Produce

Customer Experience

If you want your CX to change, you've got to engage your people in a different way, a better way.

Technology Adoption

Technology without adoption cannot succeed, and adoption without people is impossible. Find out why.

Strategy Activation

There’s a way to bridge the gap from strategy creation and activation to strategic results. Get the answer.

Start Activating Strategies Today

In the time it takes to craft that all-company email, you could be bursting with new ideas and methods in no time. Let’s talk!

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