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The health care sphere is one in which change almost always comes rapidly, but not always so smoothly. Activating new strategies often is like pushing a rock up a sheer cliff face with Sisyphus strapped to your back. But change that results in exemplary quality, enhanced reliability, and greater affordability doesn’t have to be a Herculean effort. That’s no myth.

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There's a new breed of health organizations emerging from the past decade of change and it's driven by every single person in those organizations.

Kalen Stanton

Managing Director

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Controlled chaos is still chaotic

Staying up to speed on regulatory mandates and industry methods is hard enough. Trying to push ahead with real innovation while keeping dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of smart people headed in the same direction is difficult to the nth degree. But chaos need not ensue. Transforming your people for change today – and preparing them to lead the way on change tomorrow – is no pipe dream. Not with us. We promise.

Bridging the gap through strategy activation

Make progress a forgone conclusion

In an environment where the present is of utmost importance, the strategic needs of tomorrow are rarely top of mind – especially with those on the front lines of providing care. But when you know how to incorporate change at every level, transformation quickly takes hold and spreads as swiftly as you dare direct it. Just imagine:

  • The gap between strategy creation and activation wasn’t a bridge too far, but a bridge crossed with ease every single day
  • You could seamlessly create the care ecosystems of tomorrow by optimizing quality, technology, and patient experiences today
  • All the different departments with their different ways of doing things could be shaped into a cohesive whole
  • Everyone from the check-in desk to the chief administrator wanted the best for the system and each other
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Transform your system into a symphony

There are a half dozen medical pun-based metaphors we could make right now, but won’t. Because what you and yours really need is clarity of purpose, clarity of direction, and clarity of expectations. And that’s what Root delivers. With a proven formula that breeds solidarity within your ranks, unlocks talent from the waiting room to the boardroom, and puts your system on the path to repeatable success.

You don’t have to heal yourself

The pressure of creating and implementing a strategy within a modern health care system may leave you feeling more than just moderately perplexed. So consider clicking the white box below – then we can help start making you and your people stronger than ever.

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Re-embrace the humanity of health care

Root believes in the collective power of individual people to create change. Even – no, especially – within such a stressful sector as health care. Our unique methods, practiced by unique experts, deliver unique results to your organization by making your people the center of it all (and what person doesn’t like being the center of good attention?). Yes, our methods are different. But they’ve worked for hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries around the world. It’s not snake oil. It’s science.

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Healthcare Transformers

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In less time than it takes to debunk another WebMD-based self-diagnosis, you could begin seeing the shape of change to come. With us.

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