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Technology Adoption

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him enter timely logs in the new CRM. Or switch to the upgraded ERP system from his decade-old Excel sheet. And he’s not the only one (nor is he really a horse). But after so much planning, implementing, and sweet-talking the CFO, why is the adoption rate so abysmal? We may just have a bit of an idea.

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Effective digital transformation is about listening to your people, anticipating their needs, and being agile as those needs evolve.

Chris Williams

Tech Adoption Expert

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Use it (tech) or lose it (ROI)

Nearly a quarter of corporate technology projects fail to deliver their promised return on investment. Not because the software consultants oversold the tech’s awesomeness or because it’s glitchy, but because people just don’t use it enough. Sure, traditional change management processes are still necessary, but they’re far from sufficient to inspire people to change their ways. So how do you keep your new tech from being a non-starter? Read on.

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Effective implementations don’t have to be vaporware

We admit it’s a rare enterprise tech rollout that reaches the magnitude of excitement generated by a new iPhone. But if you at least want to hit Google Pixel levels of anticipation, you need to adjust from product-focused to people-first. Just imagine:

  • Increasing the rate and ratio of user adoption to reap righteous ROI (sorry, we dig alliteration)
  • Having your people want to learn how to use the new tech because it’s an obvious help instead of a hindrance
  • Your people understand how tech changes make achieving company objectives – like, say, crushing the competition – easier
  • Everyone sees change as a net positive instead of a net pain in the rump

Such things are not the stuff of fairy tales. Although the ways we’ll help get you there will become the stuff of legend.

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People are rarely the problem and always the solution

Dyed-in-the-wool Luddites notwithstanding, your people actually want better tech, better processes, and the opportunity to do, you know, better. That’s why we focus on the people first and the shiny, shiny new tech fourteenth. We first build the story starting with the people who use the technology, and then work with leaders to champion that change – as a way of life, not an occasional interruption. When everyone knows the whys, whats, and wherefores, technology implementation becomes infectious. Yes, like a virus. But in a good way.

Upgrade your upgrading process

If your technology implementation plan is kept in a WordPerfect file, it’s time to seek help.

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We like to make things personal

In our 30-plus years of existence, we’ve just about seen it all. And most of it wasn’t pretty. But what was pretty obvious is that the gulf between creating a strategy and implementing it could only be bridged by people. Not a time-honored process or a whiz-bang app. People. Even, no, especially when it comes to adopting new technology. Without your people on board, your newest techno-awesomeness will be no more effective than that Windows 95 for Dummkopfs book you refuse to recycle.

With Root, your people come first. And our methods help transform them from cogs in the corporate machine into champions of change. And yes, we have the data to prove it.

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Make sure your next digital transformation is done right

In the time it takes to apologize to the IT department for clicking on another phishing email, you could be activating your next tech rollout.

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