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Technology Adoption

You’re spending a lot of time and money ensuring you source and embed technology that is cutting edge, creative, and intuitive. Yet after months of planning and painful integration, user adoption is… underwhelming. So what went wrong? Check out the complimentary resource below which will show you step by step the right way to drive meaningful technology change.

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A Graveyard of Failed Technology Implementations

20–25% of technology projects fail to deliver the promised ROI. When technology initiatives fail it’s usually because of people, not technical issues. It doesn’t matter how stellar the technology is if users don’t adopt it. The problem is that traditional change management isn’t driving the results you need. The bones of a traditional change management approach are necessary, but it’s just not enough to inspire, engage and mobilize users to embrace your new technology.

Driving Tech Change Through People


  • Delivering technology change the first time, and fast
  • Accelerating and maximizing user adoption to achieve a higher ROI
  • Enhancing the employee experience rather than damaging it
  • Helping all employees connect technology change to organizational  objectives
  • Creating a culture that embraces and adapts to change

Sound like a dream? With a creative and thoughtful approach, this can be your reality.

Your People Are the Solution, Not the Problem

Many organizations imagine their users as the enemy standing in the way of a successful implementation. Root focuses on engaging your people so they become your biggest accelerant of change. We do this by building change from the user backwards, ensuring leaders own and advocate for change, shaping mindsets (before developing skill sets), and focusing on change as a system rather than a sprint. By engaging everyone in the whywhat, and how of change, we know that technology implementations become game changers.

Implementing a New Technology?

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Why We Do What We Do

30 years ago, Root began this business because we saw a tremendous canyon between strategy creation and strategic results. Why? People. New technology is an area of constant change in our world today and we’re still ignoring people. Root’s methodologies empower organizations to thrive through change by engaging the hearts and minds of their people in what’s changing, why, and how that impacts them.

“The greatest value that we’ve seen, over and over, is that we could learn from each other by bringing everyone together for these sessions.”
Employee Engagement Manager, First Energy

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In the time it takes to figure out that you should have just rebooted your computer, we'll dig in to learn more about the goals of your tech initiative and give you new ideas on how to get your people excited to help.

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