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Root Leadership Alignment

Change You Can Actually Believe In

Just over half (54%) of corporate executives don’t think their company’s strategic framework will work. Even though they helped create those very strategies. Or maybe because they helped. The sad thing is, they’re right – over 90% of strategic initiatives fail to deliver their intended results. If you just accidentally cursed out loud, you’re not alone.

Over 90% of strategic initiatives fail to deliver their intended result.

Those strategies, however, were quite possibly perfectly sound. Their execution, however, was a touch lacking. Because, in the midst of all the desiloing and cross-functional synergization, someone has to do the actual work of implementation. Rolling out a strategy successfully requires everyone from the C-suite to the custodial closet to be on board.

But that’s what The Strategy Activation Process is for. First, we have to deal with that 54% issue.

Calling BS on BS

This is no time for sycophants or saboteurs, so our Leadership Alignment process does the hard task of cutting through political, territorial, or personal baggage to lay it all out on the table. This unvarnished approach leads to:

  • Honest assessments about the company, its competitors, and the economic environment
  • A concrete vision for what the future should be
  • Defined priorities that lead to successful change
  • Identifying the positive behaviors that support a changing culture
  • An ungodly amount of coffee and pastry consumption (optional)

When all is said (and it will be a lot) and done, your leadership team won’t have just gone along to get along, they’ll be speaking as one about a real, workable strategy and – this is the really good part – making it a reality.

“The consultative and facilitative skills of the Root team helped us reach new levels of clarity and alignment at the most senior level of the organization.” Chairman and CEO, Textron

Turning Whispers Into War Cries

If you want someone’s opinion, ask. If you want their honest opinion, eavesdrop. (In our case, politely and with permission.) That’s what we do inside every organization we help – spending time walking the proverbial hallways, in the break rooms, and around the watercoolers listening to those who really know how things work (or don’t) in your company. Then we bring these “watercooler conversations” to our Leadership Alignment meetings so they can be incorporated as needed into the new strategy. In other words, everyone not only has a voice, but a voice that gets heard. And when it comes to fostering a culture of growth, that’s a very, very good thing.



In the time it takes to watch another compilation of Zoom fails, you could be bursting with ways to make the future fantastic.

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