Root Leadership Alignment

Define the Future

54% of executives do not believe their company’s strategy will lead to success. This is hard to imagine when these are the very same strategies they helped create. That means more than half of these leaders are agreeing to a strategy they don’t believe in.

As if that’s not troubling enough, even when leaders do agree with the strategy, 90% of strategies don’t deliver their intended results.

Why does this happen?

Because they were never properly executed. Leaders believe their job is to create the strategy, but many give very little thought as to how it will connect with their managers and the front line — those tasked with bringing it to life. You can’t expect lasting change without an organizational movement to make it happen.

Don’t become a statistic. Change is a process. We’ve got this.

What is Root Leadership Alignment?

Root Leadership Alignment defines the future and paves the path for building an organizational movement and creating lasting change. We are the innovators of interactive and proven methods. We bring leaders to the table to speak their truths and get everyone on the same page. They become change champions of a strategy they are passionate about and excited to share.

Leaders passionate about a strategy must:

  • Be honest about today’s business realities — the good, the bad, and everything in between
  • Imagine and craft a compelling future
  • Define the priorities to create change
  • Identify the behaviors that support a new culture

“The consultative and facilitative skills of the Root team helped us reach new levels of clarity and alignment at the most senior level of the organization.” Chairman and CEO, Textron

Watercooler® Conversations

Leaders need to adopt truth telling as a core competency. Too often the truth is only told in hushed tones in the hallways, restrooms, and around the watercoolers of our businesses.

Root captures those “watercooler conversations” and brings them to the board room, so truth can be told at the same table where change is being designed.

The result? A clear vision for the future. An aligned plan of attack. Leaders walking the talk for everyone to see.

Root’s methods are proven to give leaders the clarity, perspective, conviction, and alignment needed to create positive and lasting change.


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