The Big Challenge

An organizational restructure prompted ADP’s leadership to think about the way they were selling. Ten different business units were selling in ten different ways with little alignment.

They needed to be more centralized, more results driven across their global footprint.

A Different Outcome Requires Different Thinking

An organization looking to change the way they approach the world requires the help of a company that approaches the change process differently. Most consulting firms deliver a strategy and package through a traditional presentation or online training module. However, ADP wanted a partner to disrupt and create a memorable and personal path to transformation.

Disruptive methodologies

 The Immersive Process:

Using a philosophy of immersive engagement, Root worked with ADP to create a multi-level, multi-staged process.

  1. An interactive video introducing Neil, a character who finds success in the new process.
  2. Employees selected their sales leaders from a suite of characters.
  3. They then watched a video from leadership to fully understand the “why” behind it.
  4. For reinforcement, they downloaded a magazine article about Neil and his adventures.
  5. As a part two, ADP and Root created a series of eLearning modules, customized by business unit, to further develop their sales process.
  6. To fully drive home the changes, the teams were immersed in a four-hour workshop that used coaching techniques, a Root Learning Map® experience to explain the change, group situational workshops, and a workbook for reinforcement.

The new sales process was successfully implemented, leading to tangible results.

“Our results were amazing,” said an ADP senior leader. “Within one month of the initial training, of the 5,500 stalled deals brought to the training session, one was closed within a half hour and 250 within a month.”


  • Employees engaged: 4,500
  • Languages: 6
  • Following training, they closed 250 (out of 5,500 stalled deals) in less than a month.
  • Within months of training, ADP had added millions to its global pipeline.


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