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Their Big Challenge

Starbucks Coffee Company had experienced phenomenal growth and become a well-established household name (and addiction). To support its growing team, the company created three leadership training programs for store managers, district managers, and retail leaders. Creating a program wasn’t enough...the coffee giant needed to generate huge buzz to drive enrollment, which was optional.

Fully Embracing Their “Why”

The last of the 5 Ws is always the most critical – WHY. People want to know why they should do something before they commit. That was the crux of what Starbucks wanted to achieve – getting managers to understand why they needed to proactively participate in the three leadership training programs and embrace them with gusto.

Getting There

Together, Root and Starbucks educated Starbucks’ managers on why these programs were like a double-shot espresso – just the jolt the company needed to drive performance.

  • Together, Root and Starbucks developed an actual BIG Picture. The Root Learning Map® experience was the centerpiece of a conference series attended by 10,000 Starbucks managers.
  • The 90-minute experience focused on the content of the three training offerings with an emphasis on practical application.
  • The Root Learning Map® sessions were designed to inspire the delegates and provide a “springboard” for the rest of the meeting.
  • Interactive discussion sessions focused on how people could share their new knowledge with employees and hold themselves accountable for bringing the initiatives to life in their stores.

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