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The Big Challenge

Swarovski’s senior leadership team decided to aggressively expand the fashion segment, while continuing to nurture its core crystal collectible business. The goal was to “elevate” or transform in-store retail operations into a premium luxury experience both for consumers and sales consultants. Leadership believed this would result in improved consumer loyalty along with double-digit comparable store sales increases.

Getting Clear. Crystal Clear.

For this transformation, nearly every aspect of the business would need to change from the product and selling language used in stores to back office operations to personal interactions. The object was to grow the business by creating a unique and compelling client experience.

Before starting on this journey, clarity on the strategy was imperative, which included developing standards for consultants on the selling experience (Five Moments of Truth) along with coaching standards for store managers and field leadership teams.

Root learning map experience - Swarovski partnered with Root

Our Immersive Process

Using an approach designed to engage the entire organization in the transformative change, Swarovski partnered with Root to:

  • Create several strategic Learning Map® modules on the vision, strategy, client experience, and coaching model, designed to inspire while bringing this transformation to life.
  • Design an eLearning module read as a fashion magazine to amplify the brand
  • Deliver detailed product knowledge in a compelling and on-brand manner to elevate consultants’ confidence in selling and pride in the brand.
  • Use creative storytelling approaches for consultants to practice how they would help clients have a luxurious experience.
  • Using workshops at annual meetings to reinforce the strategy, tactics, and update on progress.

The focus was always on creating customers for life who would return based on the experience they had, not simply on the product they purchased.

Engaging employees in change

21,000 employees worldwide were engaged in the transformational change.

New skills evoking confidence

There was a higher level of confidence in its consultants as they transferred the new skills into behaviors with clients.

E-learning increasing technology comfort

eLearning greatly increased consultants’ comfort with technology.


More deeply rooted thinking

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