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The world is full of strategic thinkers (we’ve seen the resumés). Strategic doers, on the other hand, are less common. Before you send that company-wide email outlining “The Way Forward 9.0”, consider what it takes to bridge the chasm of sowing that strategy and harvesting results.

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Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible.

Jim Haudan

Root Co-Founder

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Let’s break down where you’re breaking down

Everything is sales. You know it. We know it. Even folks who code 24/7 with their headphones cranked to 11 know it. So why, when it comes to the strategy you just spent 18 months and 18,000 internal meetings (estimated) on, do you not bother selling it? Instead, it’s just a link in an email to a file on a server no one remembers the password to. And your people do what they always do – ignore it and wait for the next “big strategy” to arrive. So they can ignore that one, too. Break the cycle, and sell. Here’s how:

Do you opt in?

Make opting-in the best option possible

People may want to be seen as individuals, but they also want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Including, and for many, especially, at the office. When you sell your strategy well, you’ll experience things you may have never thought possible, like:

  • Everyone actually understands the strategy, what their part is in making it a reality, and why they should want to
  • Coworkers trust each other to make the right decisions
  • Everyone wants to gird their loins, step up to the plate, aim for the bullseye, and mix whatever other metaphors they must to succeed
  • Leaders, by both title and example, exhibit winning ways for all to see and have the results to back it up

Or would you rather work in the cubicle version of Lord of the Flies? Of course not. We hope.

People blindfolded - Help your people

Help your people become your posse

We apologize for the 1991 “posse” reference, yet the truth remains: You need your people to have the company’s back if you want to move forward. Got that? But to reach that point requires the big wigs to actually connect with the figurative hearts and literal brains of employees. Why are we changing? What’s our strategy? Why should I care? How do I help? With a compelling, conversational, two-way approach, people – your people – buy in. And become the change you want to see in the company.

This is no time to think it over

You’ve done the hard, mental work of strategy creation. Now comes the harder part – activating it. So grab the worst-tasting energy drink you can find (they work better), and hit the pink box below. We’ll get rolling on rolling out your vision in a way that makes everyone a winner.

No time to think - Execute strategy
Man standing in a maze

Unstuck in the middle with you

A gaping chasm exists between creating a strategy and seeing actual results from it. That gap is strewn with obstacles like poor communication, inertia, incomprehension, and a lack of esprit de corps. Fancy French words aside, building a bridge over that no man’s land of failure is why we exist. Our methods may be new to you, but they’ve helped thousands of companies connect their leaders’ visions to their employees in ways that lead to action. And action that produces results. So let’s get moving.

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It’s time to choose activation over inertia

In the time it takes a coterie of Kardashians to once again break the internet, you could be on your way to activating a vision for your company. With us.

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