Root Learning Map® Experience

Delivering Disruptive Change

PowerPoint, roadshows, email, town halls, smoke signals they don’t inspire people. Period. This isn't your first rodeo, and even if it is, you need to do something different to engage your people. This initiative is too important. There’s too much at stake. It’s time to be disruptive. Visualization, storytelling, data, interactivity, conversations, and discovery are just some of the disruptive methods Root uses to transform people from spectators to game-day players.

Customer Impact

A Root Learning Map® experience helped Verizon’s employees gain a better understanding of their history, values, competition, business, and customers.

“Simply put, the Root Learning Map® experience resonated with our workforce and was critical in educating all employees on the vision of the company as we moved into a new chapter.”
Senior Vice President Human Resources, United Rentals

Our experience tells us that employees can contribute their best and are more likely to deliver discretionary effort when you involve them in:

The Big Picture

Brings to life the business environment, customer realities, competition, and the market forces impacting the organization.


Following an understanding of the big picture marketplace, the strategy is the response and roadmap for winning.


Understanding the business through the eyes of the customer highlights how to bring the strategy to life at each critical touchpoint along the customer’s journey.


Understanding the business through the eyes of the customer highlights how to bring the strategy to life at each critical touchpoint along the customer’s journey.


Employees make the greatest impact when they understand how money is made, how it’s spent, and how their work directly affects volume, income, profitability, and performance.

Root Learning Map® Examples

Root Learning Map® experiences come in many different styles. Take a look at a few examples that showcase our concept artists' range.

How We Work

Disrupt. Defy. Differentiate.

More than 900 organizations across industries and around the globe have used Root Learning Map® visuals to shake things up and create meaningful and lasting change. Say “goodbye” to underwhelming slides, emails, and town halls and “hello” to change.

The face of disruption.

Root Learning Map® experiences are artistic. They are intricate. They are interactive, fun, and engaging. Don’t be fooled — they are loaded with more information, discussion, and impact than any traditional presentation or training module. Most importantly, they deliver results.

How a Root Learning Map® Module Works

Using visual metaphors, easy-to-recall stories, and deep discussion, the Root Learning Map® methodology delivers simplicity and clarity to a complex world. By tapping into the science of how people learn, recall, share, and affect change, we have revolutionized a better way to inspire, motivate, and engage people to change. It works.

“In the end, like any great map, they allow people from all backgrounds and all levels to understand the common journey that everyone is on and how to help the company arrive at its strategic change destination.”
Jim Haudan, CEO and author of The Art of Engagement


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Employee Engagement
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