Root Learning Map® Experience

We Make No Apologies for Disrupting the Status Quo

And neither should you. After all, your upcoming strategic shift is too important to be greeted by a collective “meh” before the employee masses move along. So enough already with the endless PowerPoint decks, ignored email blasts, awkward town halls, and other artifacts of initiatives gone awry.

It’s time for something different. Something immersive and interactive that combines artistic flair and hard data to spark deep conversations and draw every employee out of their cubicle and into the fray.

It’s time for a map.

No, really. This is one amazing map.

A Map That Reveals – Then Reshapes – the Lay of Your Land

At the risk of giving you flashbacks to SAT prep courses, the Root Learning Map® is to typical corporate visualizations as civilized conversation is to Twitter. That is, miles apart.

Each Root Learning Map® experience is centered on a large-format physical image created by our amazing team of artists – of the conceptual, visual, verbal, and even scientific kind. These one-of-a-kind masterworks are discovery based, exceptionally detailed, interactive, and designed to get your people talking – about what is happening, what else could happen, and how each of them can help make it happen. Guided by Root experts, these experiences transcend typical training modules to achieve something too rarely seen in corporate consulting – bona fide, effective change.

The Map Isn’t Animated, but Your Employees Will Be

Over 900 organizations around the world have embraced the Root Learning Map® solution. They’ve experienced firsthand just how remarkable it is at turning employees from spectators to game changers. We know that by using the Root Learning Map® system to involve them in the following five key areas – each one a map unto itself – their buy-in and resulting effort increase significantly:

The Big Picture

If it affects your reality, it’s right here: the customer, the competition, the market, the yadda yadda, and how they all mix.


Now that they know the big picture, your people can visualize how the strategy creates a roadmap for winning.


Viewing the business through the eyes of the customer shows your people how they can make a difference, whether they’re on the front lines or driving a forklift.


No one likes having change thrust upon them. When your people grasp the why and how of the change process, they’re much more likely to join the movement.


Knowing how their efforts directly affect business performance creates accountability and desire to help grow the top line, the bottom line, and every line in between.

You Can’t Get There With Google Maps

The Root Learning Map® experience simplifies the complexities of your business environment and brings clarity to your cause. Artful, insightful, engaging, and, above all, effective, it is a critical piece in ensuring your change is anything but the chump kind.

“In the end, like any great map, they allow people from all backgrounds and all levels to understand the common journey that everyone is on and how to help the company arrive at its strategic change destination.”
Jim Haudan, CEO and author of The Art of Engagement

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