Manager Development

It’s hard to deny that managers play an important role in any organization.  But, actually proving it?  Well, that’s another story!  Getting a handle on those pesky metrics to create a strong case for why managers make a difference is something that not many organizations have the foresight to capture.  Our client, Petco, was really on the ball when we worked with them a few years ago.  They identified and captured several metrics that were, and still are, the key indicators for their business.  This enabled them to measure the long-term impact of the investment they made in their managers.

Last week, we hosted a webinar where Berry Carpenter, Petco’s Director of Training and Talent Management, shared their phenomenal story – metrics and all.

Petco identified their managers as critical “change agents” who could quickly mobilize and engage their 1,000+ stores to support a new retail strategy.  Managers who experienced the Root Compass Manager Development Program gained new insights and skills that enabled them to shift from “policing” their teams to developing their people to deliver on the new strategy.

The results?

Better-focused and more capable managers who generated higher levels of associate engagement (+7%), lower turnover (-35%), higher customer satisfaction (+5 points), and improved business performance.  This is a clear case of managers moving metrics.

If you’re looking for better business outcomes, think about your managers.  If they’re spending most of their time tackling long task lists and just “policing” or checking their teams, you have a huge opportunity.  Well-trained managers can spark a whole chain of positive outcomes and be a huge source of competitive advantage.

February 8, 2012


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