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Why You Need to Embrace Conflict at Work

My days often consist of a visit to a client’s office. A strategy meeting is underway and the room is filled with fervor and possibility.

Root Workshops: Let’s Put a Ring on It

Learn how to create workshops that make make sure everyone walks away a little bit smarter and it can be as easy as cake.

9 Steps to Get Your People into Training

Training your people can be difficult because it is often seen as boring and not helpful. Here are 9 ways to train and motivate your people successfully.

It’s Time to Identify and Maximize Successes at Work

Instead of focusing on what isn't working, find out what is and replicate it across the organization to maximize successes at work.

Employees are Your Most Important Customers – Do These Three Things Now

It's time to start treating your employees as the most important customer, otherwise they cannot deliver the proper experience to your paying customers.

It’s Time To Build A Bridge

If you want everyone to act like an owner and understand how the impact the bottom line it's time to create a bridge that leads to better communication.

A Letter from the Trenches: If I Were You, How Would I Engage Me?

People know the best way to engage themselves with their work. Here is one person's letter to their boss on how they want to be engaged at work.

Building a Customer First Culture: Three Things You Must Do

Creating a customer-first culture that everyone in the organization can embrace and live makes all the difference in how your brand is perceived.

6 Things High-Performing Managers Do Right

Learn the hiring, training, employee engagement, and customer experience secrets that organizations use to create high performing managers.

They’re All Watching You To See How YOU Handle The Change!

How you handle change says a lot. To propel change successfully in your organization remember to focus on these important three key areas.

Are You Still Boring Your Employees with Training? 9 Ways to Change All That

Any curriculum you expose your company to should be highly engaging and motivating. Here are 9 steps to achieve this goal.

The Surprising Disruption that Fuels Patient Experience

Creating a patient experience that sticks is only possible when the leadership is aligned, managers are well trained and everyone is prepared for disruption.

Do You Believe?

Root can help show you the big picture of change so you know how much longer you need to fight.

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

A great customer experience ensures happy life-long customers which can be make or break an organization. Deliver the ultimate customer experience today!

The Three Common Pitfalls of Building Leadership Skills

Your managers are assets you can’t afford to take for granted. Learn four ways you can prevent leadership skills development efforts from falling short.

Top 4 Manager Skills for a Better Customer Experience

A frontline with the proper management skills provides the best customer experience possible which creates a very loyal customer base.

Forget Boomers and Xers-Millennials Are Where It’s At

Millennials. They’re entering the workforce in droves, and they’re not very quiet about it.

6 Ways to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is tough! Learn the 6 Do's and Don'ts of customer experience from Gary Magenta to make sure everyone understands your CX strategy

3 Essential To-Dos for New Leaders

Being a leader for the first time or at a new organization can be daunting. Follow these 3 To-dos to ease into the role a little easier.

New Study Reveals Managers as the Most Undertrained Employee

Training managers needs to be business as usual, not a nice to have. When we don't train managers things can go wrong fast.
Manager Development

The Cure for Meeting Mania

High performing teams use these four steps to hold the ultimate meeting. See the results of analyzing high performing teams meeting management styles.

What Is Employee Engagement Good For?

Thinking of engagement as a means to successful strategic change rather than an end in itself,than investing in engagement becomes vital to performance.

Transforming from Ordinary to Extraordinary

We have unique ways to engage people, make it interactive, and appeal to both right-brain and left-brain thinkers to help them draw their own conclusions.

Connection is Everything

How vigorously and effectively are we connecting our biggest product (i.e., our company) to our most important buyers (i.e., our team members)?

Bringing Mobility to Everyone in the Business

Don’t just look at the technology enablement, but also the shift in IT culture and the norms required for mobility to thrive in your organization

What Drives Employee Engagement?

I would argue employee engagement is owned by the executive team, the same way they are responsible for managing all of the other critical assets.

Strategy without purpose is meaningless

The bottom line is Border's lost its focus on the customer, its purpose for being, and most importantly its people - the 'burning platform' wasn't enough.

Does Employee Engagement Really Matter?

Think about companies where employees are engaged. Southwest Airlines or Zappos? It’s a totally different customer experience.

Leveraging Learning Cycles to Nurture Leadership

Organizations that nurture leadership tirelessly take advantage of learning cycles for people to grow and internalize key contributions.

Managers Move Metrics

Managers move metrics, are yours moving them in the right direction? Ensure managers are creating better business performance

Life Cycle of a Change

Planning for change and viewing it as a life cycle will deliver those first steps of success and be a critical ingredient to ensure sustained execution.

The Art of Engagement – Inspiring People, Creating Change, and Making a Difference

Watch Jim Haudan explain ways organizations are capable of boosting employee morale in new ways.

The Power of Visuals to Solve Story Problems

“Our employees are too smart for visuals,” that they’re “analytical and data-driven.", but those same people are using images or visuals to solve problems!

When Rapid eLearning Isn’t Enough

Rapidly developing eLearning without taking into account business strategy, goals, user audience, and instructional design can negatively impact learning

Working Together as a Team is the Key to Success

Working together as a team means engaging everyone in how their efforts impact the team’s success and how success contributes to the company's success.

Managers matter the most when it comes to engagement!

Any investment in helping managers be better employee coaches can have a lasting and significant impact on the success of your business.

Let’s go to the movies…

One of the fastest ways to provide a common understanding is through a story or a visual. Film marries both approaches in less time.

The power of gaming

It is tempting to focus on the look and feel of a game, but the power of gaming is in the gaming concepts and their applicability to adult learning

Just say NO to the patchwork quilt method of curriculum

Bolting on new learning solution after new learning solution, year after year without a reality check is far from effective and isn't a true curriculum.