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PART 3: Unconscious Bias Efforts: Education Infused with Empathy

For organizations to create the connections that mitigate unconscious bias, focus on empathy. Here are three actions to take.

Creating a Company of Businesspeople Makes Good Sense for Every Utility

How can organizations build and maintain trust with customers and communities? It's time to turn your employees into businesspeople.

Prone to Bias? Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Eradicating the impact of bias from the workplace isn't easy. The first step is resetting our unconscious bias goals and setting achievable measures of success.

I’m Biased. So What? Why Unconscious Bias Training Doesn’t Work

Unconscious bias training doesn't work. Here are three reasons bias trainings often fail and what we propose doing differently.

The Way We Lead Change Needs to Change

To build resiliency and lift the fog of change fatigue that is our reality in 2021, we must think differently about how we lead change. Consider these three tips.
Virtual Events Done Right

10 Tips for Putting on a Kick-Butt Virtual Event

Planning a virtual event? Check out these 10 tips to ensure that your organization's online interactions are as impactful as face-to-face ones.

Building COVID-19 Vaccine Advocacy for Healthcare Organizations from the Inside-Out

Health care providers will receive potentially lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines in the coming weeks. The biggest obstacle sn’t access to freezer space or distribution – it's convincing caregivers and then the public to get the vaccine. Here are three critical ingredients to getting authentic buy-in from within your organization.
Virtual Events Done Right

6 Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Event Beats Your In Person One

The goal of a virtual event is to create a directed experience that you can control, people can unify around, and everyone will remember.
The Importance of Financial Literacy in Health Care

Affected More Than Infected: The Importance of Financial Literacy in the COVID-19 Era

To help health systems shift from crisis response to financial and operational recovery, leaders must engage people in the organization's financial story and encourage accountability for how their efforts affect financial performance.

Tips on How to Propel Successful Change

Few people welcome change. In fact, most of us fear it. But there are ways to set your organization up for success. Change isn't easy. But it is possible. Are you ready to learn how to make your change stick?

Your People Are Running on Empty but Too Afraid to Tell You

Do you know the truth about how your people are feeling right now? We'll fill you in. They're hurting, stressed, and exhausted, but don’t feel safe enough to tell us. It's time to figure out how to connect with your people and we have insights to help.
Improving the Patient Experience

Stop Medical Distancing and Solve the Patient Experience Challenge

Improve patient experience by first identifying points of patient frustration, and then targeting areas on the patient journey that need intervention.

The Changing World of Retail and Hospitality

The world isn’t going to stop changing so what is your retail or hospitality business doing to pivot and adjust strategy to meet customers where they are?

Finding Balance in a COVID-19 World

Be agile, flexible, and ready to change course at a moment’s notice. Don’t wait around for someone else to save you. Control your own destiny!

Four business agility behaviors for your team to embrace now

We can only be nimble when we have the right culture and agree on the behaviors that make it work. There are four primary behaviors that drive agility.

Take Control of Change Using Four Critical Elements

Changing our behaviors to flatten the curve is a major societal change, but we go through the same phases when faced with change in our work. When your team is facing change – big or small – there are four elements to creating lasting change to consider and plan for.

Leading Through a Crisis

In this episode, we’re tackling the very current topic of leading during a crisis. We want to share insight on what health care leaders – and leaders in all industries – should be doing to help guide their people during this unprecedented and very worrisome time.

9 Steps to Get Your People into Training

Training your people can be difficult because it is often seen as boring and not helpful. Here are 9 ways to train and motivate your people successfully.

The New Normal: Working from Home (WFH)

Working from home, or “WFH” as it is now often called, is becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace. To help those who find working from home challenging, here are some tips for staying motivated and being efficient.

Stay Out of the Dark: Embracing Virtual Discovery Methods in Our New Social-Distancing World

Thriving through change, rather than just surviving, requires (virtually) capturing t¬he voice of your employees and customers. These insights are valuable for your strategic decisions, and their engagement is critical to coming out of the present situation stronger than ever.

Enriching the Employee Experience: 7 Guiding Principles to Creating Healthy Teams

When it comes to healthcare, the patient experience is always paramount. But the employee experience must be core to the organization’s strategy and culture.

Sustaining Change is Hard

My role, leading our CX team, gave me insight into how easy it is to initiate organizational change and how hard it is to sustain real change.

The Common Element in Graduations – Quite Simply, the Human Connection

This graduation season, I attended five graduation ceremonies. The volume is a bit uncommon for me, and the diversity of the students was even more unusual.

Chief Joy Officer?

This excerpt from Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear is written to help leaders bring a renewed sense of joy

Happy Anniversary to Me: How I Made the Decision to Change My Career

January marks my one-year anniversary with Root Inc. As I reflect on the day I received the call to lead the Food & Hospitality practice, I remember

Why You Need to Embrace Conflict at Work

My days often consist of a visit to a client’s office. A strategy meeting is underway and the room is filled with fervor and possibility.

Root Workshops: Let’s Put a Ring on It

Learn how to create workshops that make make sure everyone walks away a little bit smarter and it can be as easy as cake.

It’s Time to Identify and Maximize Successes at Work

Instead of focusing on what isn't working, find out what is and replicate it across the organization to maximize successes at work.

Employees are Your Most Important Customers – Do These Three Things Now

It's time to start treating your employees as the most important customer, otherwise they cannot deliver the proper experience to your paying customers.

It’s Time To Build A Bridge

If you want everyone to act like an owner and understand how the impact the bottom line it's time to create a bridge that leads to better communication.

A Letter from the Trenches: If I Were You, How Would I Engage Me?

People know the best way to engage themselves with their work. Here is one person's letter to their boss on how they want to be engaged at work.

Building a Customer First Culture: Three Things You Must Do

Creating a customer-first culture that everyone in the organization can embrace and live makes all the difference in how your brand is perceived.
Reaching for Success ladder

6 Things High-Performing Managers Do Right

Learn the hiring, training, employee engagement, and customer experience secrets that organizations use to create high performing managers.

200,000 Deaths a Year. Is It Time for a New Approach to Patient Safety?

Dave Willis sits down with John Byrnes, MD and gets answers about preventable medical errors and about a new approach to patient safety.
Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Work: Do Your Employees Bring their Whole Selves Each Day?

Diversity and inclusion at work enables people to show up as their whole and authentic selves which allows them to bring 100% of their value everyday.

They’re All Watching You To See How YOU Handle The Change!

How you handle change says a lot. To propel change successfully in your organization remember to focus on these important three key areas.

Are You Still Boring Your Employees with Training? 9 Ways to Change All That

Any curriculum you expose your company to should be highly engaging and motivating. Here are 9 steps to achieve this goal.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It's time for healthcare organizations to stop accepting long wait times as just part of the process, because waiting is the hardest part.

How Well Do You Showcase Diversity and Inclusion in Your Marketing Materials?

Here are three questions to ask to achieve diversity and inclusion in your marketing to ensure all of your customers are welcome into your company.

How to Engage People in Your Company Culture

Engaging people in your company culture takes more than ping pong and a stocked snack room. A compelling organizational purpose is key to your culture.

Why I Love Being the Early Bird

When you are the early bird, the world is a different place. Learn how waking up at 4am can have a dramatic benefit on your day.

How to Harness the Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion is powerful for innovation and problem solving in businesses. Learn how to make D&I work in your organization in 4 easy steps.

The Surprising Disruption that Fuels Patient Experience

Creating a patient experience that sticks is only possible when the leadership is aligned, managers are well trained and everyone is prepared for disruption.

Why Patient Experience Matters to Me

Patient matters the most when it's happening to you or a loved one. Read about some missed opportunities that still happen in healthcare in the 21st century.

Unconscious bias isn’t so new. I learned about it 30 years ago.

While there is no magic fix for removing unconscious bias, there are things we can do to help prevent these biases from negatively impacting our workplace.
Creating the best company training initiative

Engaging Millennials at Work with Gamification

Engaging millennials at work with gamification improves learning and meets them where they are, their phone! Learn why 'mobile first' can have a big impact.
Manager Development

Four Sure-Fire Ways Leaders Can Empower Managers

Empower your managers to engage your employees means ensuring your managers have the proper training. They now need to know how to lead people.

Musings on Engaging Millennials at Work

It's time to start engaging Millennials at work. Studies find that recent college graduates are not engaged in their work, it's time to change that.

A Visit to the White House

On September 30th, Rich Berens and I were invited to a meeting at the White House focusing on how to create sustainable business practices

The 8 Communication Tips You NEED to Know

Memos, company meetings, video messages, and webinars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways you can communicate with your people.

The Future of HR – Has It Finally Arrived?

Long have we been talking about the transformation of HR and how its role and significance is shifting within our businesses

Finding Exceptional Healthcare in all the Right Places

Arden Brion, Root’s managing director of healthcare, enjoys helping healthcare organizations engage their workforces in the execution of strategies

Cultivating a Corporate Culture that Loves to Innovate

The cover story of the April 2016 Harvard Business Review (HBR) issue carried the headline, “You Can’t Fix Culture,” which challenged traditional views

Do You Believe?

Root can help show you the big picture of change so you know how much longer you need to fight.

The Only Way You’re Going to Change your Patient Experience

In virtually every conversation I have with healthcare executives, at some point the discussion turns to the patient experience. Health systems have always

Common Misconceptions About the Patient Experience

Patient experience is not about smiles and making people happy. Yes, it’s possible to put a smile on a patient’s face though a warm handshake

Building a Customer-First Culture – Three Things You Can Do

With endless options for products and services, instant access to information, and the power to share their opinions more widely than ever

Bright Spots 101: A Q&A with Root’s Sam Need and Kari Terzino

“Bright spots” does not equal best practices. We sat down with research managers Kari Terzino and Sam Need for a behind-the-scenes look

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

A great customer experience ensures happy life-long customers which can be make or break an organization. Deliver the ultimate customer experience today!

The Three Common Pitfalls of Building Leadership Skills

Your managers are assets you can’t afford to take for granted. Learn four ways you can prevent leadership skills development efforts from falling short.

Top 4 Manager Skills for a Better Customer Experience

A frontline with the proper management skills provides the best customer experience possible which creates a very loyal customer base.

Forget Boomers and Xers-Millennials Are Where It’s At

Millennials. They’re entering the workforce in droves, and they’re not very quiet about it.

6 Ways to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is tough! Learn the 6 Do's and Don'ts of customer experience from Gary Magenta to make sure everyone understands your CX strategy

3 Essential To-Dos for New Leaders

Being a leader for the first time or at a new organization can be daunting. Follow these 3 To-dos to ease into the role a little easier.

New Study Reveals Managers as the Most Undertrained Employee

Training managers needs to be business as usual, not a nice to have. When we don't train managers things can go wrong fast.
Manager Development

The Cure for Meeting Mania

High performing teams use these four steps to hold the ultimate meeting. See the results of analyzing high performing teams meeting management styles.

The Complexity of Creating Customers for Life

Seventy-seven percent of organizations do not engage employees in the customer experience design process. Seventy-six percent do not provide customer

Building a Customer-First Culture – Three Things You Can Do

With endless options for products and services, instant access to information, and the power to share their opinions more widely than ever, today the

Technology & Learning 2013: Three Rules to Live By

By now, the idea of mobile as a “trend” in learning should be nothing new. The story for 2013 and beyond is really “bigger, better, faster, simpler.”

3 Ways your Company Culture is Demotivating your People

Companies often have a hard time understanding why their junior or mid-level staff is frustrated with the direction of the company or with senior management

Accountability & Technology

Scott Thompson was Yahoo’s CEO for only four months last year before he was fired for listing a bachelor’s degree in computer science that he didn’t have

The Work of Leaders: Why Building Alignment is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

“The most empowering condition of all is when the entire organization is aligned with its mission, and people’s passions and purpose are in synch

What Is Employee Engagement Good For?

Thinking of engagement as a means to successful strategic change rather than an end in itself,than investing in engagement becomes vital to performance.