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Upside down. For many of us, the world is upside down now, and we don’t know how or when it will feel right-side up again. As we grapple with the challenges of maintaining health and safety, business continuity, and jobs, it’s easy to forget that engaging your people starts with… people. Humans – who have emotions and needs and aren’t just a faceless workforce.

These humans can’t stay engaged if they can’t care for their own basic needs – think Maslow’s hierarchy. Basic survival, safety, and a sense of belonging are crucial for your people to stay engaged with your organization’s critical work.

We’ve developed a little something to help with that. Borrowing on our own experience with change and what motivates people, coupled with the creativity of our team, here are:

  • Some self-care tips you can send to your employees
  • A series of coloring sheets they can print for their kids

These short infographics offer five installments of essential tips for self-care support: emotionalphysicalrelationalwork-related, and mental. The coloring sheets build on each other to create one story, so your kids can enjoy themselves too.

If we’re going to turn the world right-side up (maybe even making it better than ever in the process), it will take all of us. But first, we have to make it through!

Click on the images below for the relevant tips and coloring sheets.

Essential Tips for Emotional Self-Care>>    Essential Tips for Physical Self-Care>>


Essential Tips for Relational Self-Care>>    Essential Tips for Work-Related Self-Care>>

Tips for Mental Self-Care Infographic
Essential Tips for Mental Self-Care>>


March 16, 2020


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