We Are in the Business of Change

While change is familiar to us, it is outside the comfort zone of the companies we work with. One of the most frequent concerns we address is “How?”

  • But, HOW will my people take the change?
  • HOW do we make the change stick? 
  • If people are scared of change, HOW do we ease those fears?

These are all common questions. It’s understandable that people feel hesitant about change. It’s human nature to wonder what will be different and what it means for each individual contributor and the company as a whole.

At Root, We Like to Throw in the “What Ifs”

  • WHAT IF leadership set the example and tone?
  • WHAT IF people got over their fear and instead embraced the change?
  • WHAT IF the change could transform your company?

Here’s the truth: the fear is always going to be there. Sometimes it will be a hiccup and sometimes it can be a roadblock. Addressing the fear of change is just as important as executing the change itself.

Your people want to feel safe. They need to know they are not in this alone and that everyone will undergo change together, as a team. And just like any team dynamic, it starts from the top.

  • NFL coaches set the tone and strategy for their players.
  • World leaders are watched closely by their constituents.
  • Kindergarten teachers usher their young students to success.

And finally, CEOs, presidents, business owners – whatever your title – people are looking at YOU to see how you handle change. They’re not just listening to the words you speak or write. They’re watching your behavior. What are you actually doing regarding the change?

Propel Successful Change with Three Key Areas

There are three key areas where leaders must focus to propel successful change from the top down.

  1. Be publicly vulnerable. If your people don’t see your authentic willingness to embrace change, how are they expected to buy in?
  2. Let go. You’re asking people to take a leap with you, so you’d better dive in head first to lead by example.
  3. Build speed through trust. The faster your people trust you and the path you are laying out toward change, the quicker they will follow.

Trust Must Be Earned

As a leader, you can never assume that your team trusts you implicitly. As in any relationship, trust must be earned and is based on your actions. Without it, you will not get far with unleashing change in your organization.

Read the White Paper

If your people trust you, and you can master the three areas above, you are golden! To learn more about the three areas that propel successful change, read our white paper delving into all of this good stuff. Check it out here.

September 16, 2020


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