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It’s a tale as old as time: Your strategy is crafted. The leaders who designed it toast to their collective brilliance. But then it sits in a folder on a shelf, never to see the light of day.

Data from Accenture’s latest report “The CHRO as a Growth Executive,” further enforces Root’s decades-old methodology: combining data, creativity, interactivity, dialogue, and technology is the best way to engage your people’s hearts and minds to activate strategies – plain and simple.

Speaking of data ­– Accenture has found that using this Root-led “secret sauce” increases productivity by 11%, yet somehow only 5% of large, global companies are following through with doing so. Most of the C-suite executives surveyed believe the CHRO is a critical component of long-term organizational growth, but less than half of those executives admit they’re fostering a culture allowing their CHROs to accelerate growth. So, how can CEOs empower their CHROs to give rise to growth?

Enter: Root’s Strategy Activation Process. Root’s process for defining your future, building an organizational movement, and creating lasting change is what has led 80% of the Fortune 50 (including 14 of the Fortune 20) to long-lasting success.

Every executive must be a growth executive. If you’re ready to turn your entire C-Suite into a growth enabling team, our people at Root, a part of Accenture, are your next call. Contact us here to get started.

February 8, 2023

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