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There’s been an evolution in your employee’s mindset over the last few years. Employees are questioning the way in which work has been conducted for 100 years; they no longer think “because that’s how it’s always been done” is a good enough reason. And if their organization isn’t changing right along with them, they’re leaving. It’s that simple.

This paper outlines three key areas where leaders should evolve their own mindsets and approaches if they want to continue to attract great talent and grow their organizations.

  1. Routines and Practices That Waste Time – your people are becoming less tolerant of activities that don’t add value to the customer or other colleagues or purely in place to create accountability.
  2. Moving from Duality to Singularity – No one wants to “work to live” anymore and employees are seeking out purpose-driven organizations that bring them joy and excitement in all aspects of their life.
  3. What Matters to You Might Not Matter to Me – People aren’t exclusively salary-driven anymore. If your people are disenchanted, the paycheck doesn’t matter.

People are setting the standards for their employees and are pushing the changes. As employers, listening to your people’s wants and needs is important because if you don’t, you could run the risk of resignations flooding your inboxes.

Get tips to tackle the three areas of discontent and start evolving your employee experience.

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Managing Change
Managing Change