Don MacLean

In his time with Root, Don has held various positions and has been a vital contributor to Root’s overall growth and evolution. He initiated and broadened Root’s international business presence, extending our global reach beyond North America. He also has led teams of dedicated industry experts to develop innovative custom learning solutions for financial institutions and in the energy and basic materials sector. Don has worked with CEOs and senior executives from numerous organizations domestically and internationally to create organization-wide business literacy and strategy activation.

Posts by Don MacLean


Women Investors: An Underserved Market

Traditional gender roles still hold firm in most financial institutions and large purchasing processes and experiences. However, in today’s highly competitive market, financial services organizations need to take practical steps to serve female investors more effectively. The institutions that win with (millennial) female investors will be unstoppable.
The Importance of Financial Literacy in Health Care

Affected More Than Infected: The Importance of Financial Literacy in the COVID-19 Era

To help health systems shift from crisis response to financial and operational recovery, leaders must engage people in the organization's financial story and encourage accountability for how their efforts affect financial performance.

Making a List and Checking It Twice – Investing in Strategy Execution

We know successful strategy execution is not easy. We have all read the articles, blogs, white papers, case studies that shout at us that strategy often

Successful Strategy Activation: Chalking the Field for Our People

The biggest economic upheaval in 80 years is settling in. Most organizations have figured out that “waiting for things to get better” is not a viable

Tightening Your Training Budget

These are challenging times for organizations as they try to navigate the turbulent seas of the current economy. With pressure from every side and