0:48 – Data on how COVID-19 has impacted businesses across industries and how they’re responding
13:24 – Four change keys to the psychology of how employees make decisions about how they’ll change in times of uncertainty
21:27 – Tips on how to take action to ensure the changes you need to make have staying power
26:15 – Q&A

About the Webinar:

To navigate the uncertainties we face today, your organization is having to make a lot of change right now. Some of it is big change. Some may even be mission critical. Regardless, it’s all change that you can’t leave to chance.

The failure rates of most new organizational strategies is between 60% and 90%. With more than one-third of organizations facing people and culture challenges due to today’s environment, change can feel like an uphill battle. But you can significantly improve your results when you understand what drives your people’s decision to change and design your strategy launch with that end in mind. Join Root to find out how to give your change a real chance at success.

During this webinar, we shared marketplace research outlining the challenges facing specific organizations and roles and how that connects to the changes you’re likely tackling right now.

After this virtual experience, you’ll walk away with actions you and your organization can take to reduce the risk of strategic change missteps, such as:

  1. Asking the best questions to assess current state mindsets
  2. Identifying gaps in your people’s capabilities (at all levels of the business) to execute change
  3. Assessing areas of opportunity for leaders to do better
  4. Recognizing future state shortfalls before they happen

The biggest mistake leaders make is assuming they have all the answers. Give your change a chance by eliminating uncertainty and leveraging opportunities you might not even know about yet.

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