Navigating COVID-19: Keeping Your People Engaged – On Demand Webinar

Imagine your corporate office with dogs barking, kids running around, and people in boxer shorts or yoga pants unloading the dishwasher and answering emails from their smart phones – all while leading or joining an important meeting about your strategy, culture, customers, or competition. Sounds chaotic, but it may be our new reality.

We have all worked from home and “multi-tasked” or had significant distractions while on a conference call or video conference. With many organizations asking their people to work from home to ensure they’re safe, it will be harder than usual to keep your people strategically engaged so your business can continue without skipping a beat.

Get insights on how organizations are embracing agility through the use of digital tools to capture the hearts and minds of their people during times of uncertainty in a distributed workforce to bring its strategy to life

Join Root’s Chief Change Architect, Gary Magenta and Principal Consultant, Jill Kiepura, for a conversation that includes tips and techniques to successfully create impactful engagement in a remote environment. They showcased a real world case study of a healthcare system that successfully engaged a distributed workforce in more than 13 locations in their strategy using digital solutions.

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