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While preparing for a new calendar year is nothing new, the challenges facing leaders this year are unlike those in the past. Work as we knew it shifted greatly in 2020; and while everyone has hopefully adjusted to a “new normal,” leaders are still learning how best to lead their people and organizations in this post-pandemic world. In fact, according to a recent Gartner survey of HR leaders, “leader and manager effectiveness” is listed as the top priority for 2023, followed by “change management, employee experience, recruiting and future of work.” For an organization to be successful, it must be prepared to invest in each of these initiatives.

To help leaders identify whether or not their people are ready for change, check out these eight questions in our Strategy Activation Assessment.

Prepping People to Embrace and Activate Your 2023 Plans

Change is inevitable. We all know that. But we also know that change is hard, uncomfortable, and most often, scary – causing many people to avoid change or deny that it is even needed. Leaders must give their people a good reason, or list of reasons, to change their behaviors and mindsets. These questions will help you assess whether your leaders are setting up your organization to be ready to adapt. If your ranking is low, consider adding change readiness to your list of 2023 priorities.

December 14, 2022

More deeply rooted thinking

Developing Leaders and Managers


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