Jim Haudan


Jim Haudan is a different kind of CEO, with a passion that goes beyond leading Root to success. For more than 20 years, he has been helping organizations unleash hidden potential by fully engaging their people to deliver on the strategies of the business. With his background as a coach, it’s not a stretch that the company Jim co-founded focuses on tapping employees’ discretionary efforts – the kind that produces winning results.

Posts by Jim Haudan

3 Things Smart People Do to Create Meaningful Lives

It's important to create meaningful lives so here are three things smart people do to create meaningful lives for themselves.

Engaging Your Employees in the Big Picture

Engaging your employees in the big picture illustrates the need to change and allows them to come to their own conclusions on why change is a must.

10 Strategy Questions Smart Leaders Ask Themselves Every Day

Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible. What strategy questions are you asking yourself and other leaders?

No Risk, No Culture Reward

Risk taking leads to ideas and breakthroughs that can drive new business. In fact, the only way to be successful is to fail forward on purpose.

Embracing Paradox

Paradox is important because new strategies get stuck in translation around a major paradox causing polarization instead of creating a platform for change

Team Insight Is Just As Valuable As Consumer Insights

To truly understand how business is won and how successful work gets done is what helps an organization make the right “on” the business decisions

Not Succumbing to the “Other Guy” Syndrome

The voice of fear and limitation can easily change your growth mindset from being intensely focused on being better, to being consumed with being bitter.

Changing Behaviors or Forming a New Habit Is Hard

Driving change is one of the hardest things to do. Approaching it as you would to form a new habit helps make it manageable and achievable.

It’s Time for the “Third” Documentary

At a time where creativity and strategic innovation is falling short and change is a way of life, people are not showing up at work engaged in what they do.