Always Be Improving

When it comes to change, we are all open books of possibilities. The truth is that none of us really know how good we are until we stop improving. Imagine the possibilities if we never stop improving. What if we ignore the limits and what if we don’t listen to our inner voices of change insecurity? It’s not easy, of course. Sometimes it takes patience, resolve, relentless resilience, and overcoming the tendency to succumb to perceived limits and fears.

The greatest fears are:

  • Being found out
  • Not being as good as you think
  • Not being able to play at the next level
  • No longer being competitive
  • You really don’t belong

It is this voice of fear and limitations that can easily change your mindset from being intensely focused on being better, to being consumed with being bitter. Bitter to the point where improvement stops . . . and the excuses begin. Bitter translates into an attitude of, “I am getting screwed and the reason I am not being successful is THE OTHER GUY” . . . and what the OTHER GUY did or didn’t do. And then you’ve officially succumbed to the Other Guy Syndrome:

  1. It’s not fair that the OTHER GUY DIDN’T GIVE ME the recognition and credit that I deserve. I am just as good as most of those that did receive credit.
  2. I really should be given more responsibility . . . the OTHER GUYS that were just hired haven’t proved anything.
  3. The OTHER GUY could not care less how I perform; he really doesn’t see me as being capable of contributing.
  4. The OTHER GUY JUST doesn’t understand me and how to bring out my talents.
  5. The OTHER GUY just encourages the NEW GUYS, since they are the future.
  6. The OTHER GUY only comments when I screw up.
  7. The OTHER GUY didn’t pick me, and I didn’t pick him, so he’s not vested in my success.
  8. The OTHER GUY doesn’t provide the resources I need to get the job done.
  9. The OTHER GUY just doesn’t create a culture for success.

The OTHER GUY Syndrome causes us to give away the control of our future to others. However, when we keep the control within ourselves, we can and do achieve our dreams. The greatest limitation is ceasing to believe that YOU CAN, YOU WILL, and that YOU ARE taking your capabilities to the next level, EVERY DAY.


It’s Time for the “Third” Documentary

November 29, 2012


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