Resilience: How to Rise Up When $&!# Goes Down – On Demand Webinar

0:24 – Agenda for Webinar
1:13 – Defining Resilience
9:45 – How to Develop Resilience
23:20 – Identify who in your organization is best positioned to help employees become more resilient
32:03 – Q&A

About the webinar:

The COVID-19 crisis has inflicted enormous pressure and stress on every aspect of our lives: our health, work, family, and finances. However, as we begin to emerge, we are seeing businesses start to shift their focus – away from immediate operational and safety issues to maintain viability and meet changing customer demands, and toward the idea of resiliency. How do we help our people avoid burnout? And what can we do to embrace growth and not just recover but thrive?

During this 30-minute virtual experience, you’ll discover:

  • How helping your people become more resilient is critical to the future success of your business
  • Why people leaders and managers hold the keys to building a resilient workforce
  • Three tips for developing resilience in yourself and others

Webinar Takeaway


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