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Using humor and real-life case studies, Gary is passionate about developing organization leaders and managers because of his philosophy that if leaders want to change their businesses, they must start by changing how they engage their people. He has been recognized with a Stevie's American Business Award for Executive of the Year.

Posts by Gary Magenta

Haggling: Is it the latest trend for in-store retailing?

Consumers have power and retail brands want loyalty, so before you cut and run because the big retailer won’t indulge in a little haggling, try it!

The Micro Business in a Big Box World

Some of the best customer experiences come from small businesses because the employees act like (or are) the owner. Let's scale that magic.

Wait, the Customer Is Not Always Right?

We all know customers are not flawless, but that doesn't mean they should leave our store dissatisfied with the experience we provide them.

Who’s Managing Innovation?

Find out if your managers are building a strong front line, which is important for the change you are striving for to happen with this quick assessment.

So, You Think You’re Ready to Innovate?

Find out with this quick 5 statement assessment if your leadership is ready to become a disruptor in the marketplace today.

Take the Disruptor Challenge

Be the disruptor, or be disrupted. Here are 6 things to think about to help you disrupt your marketplace and stay ahead of the competition.

Disruption is Not a Destination

While success should be celebrated, it's important to remember disruption is not a destination. Becoming a disruptor just puts a large target on your back.

Why Company Culture As You Know It Is Dead

Company culture must change to reflect societal trends, marketplace shifts and more. Here are three tips to a successful culture change.

How Do We Build a Global Customer Experience?

Every culture has a unique experience, and so does every organization. How do we create a consistent global customer experience.

12 Powerful Questions That’ll Make You a Better Manager

Unleash the potential of your individual employees and your team by asking these 12 powerful questions that will make you a better manager.

Disruption: Are you the next Kodak or are you the next Nintendo?

Disruption. That’s a word that can be misused or even mistaken for a buzzword and it’s anything but. To be a disruptor means to evoke palpable change

Let’s Make Flying Great Again!

Customers on airplanes don’t’ want to be treated like threats and airline employees don’t want to be enforcers.Both sides must have more empathy.

Customer Experience Goes To Capitol Hill

You can’t force employees to care, to be nice, to smile or to be authentic. You simply can’t mandate a great customer experience.

United We Do NOT Stand… Without an Apology

The real issue was not the incident itself, it is the incredibly poor job United did in the recovery. United Airlines blew it. Plain and simple.

How Microtouchpoints Can Elevate the Customer Experience

Engage your people in how important micro experiences are and how they can elevate the customer experience by making it magical.

The Canned Customer Experience

A customer who has had a CX problem that is resolved to their satisfaction is actually more likely to become loyal than one that has had no problem at all

Technology is Enhancing the Personal Connection, NOT Killing it!

Online technology doesn't hamper the personal connections for good customer experience, it can help bypass the transaction and focus on the relationship!

The Concierge Level Customer Experience

Creating a unique and personalized experience drives great service. It is extremely important to connect with customers to build emotional connections

My Experience with Customer Experience – Brooks Brothers vs. Men’s Wearhouse

Everyday, your brand interacts with people in stores and online. Creating a great customer experience and delivering it consistently is job one!

Today’s Managers…Yesterday’s Shopkeepers

That manager knew what I wanted and was able to make a real-time decision to win me as a customer and begin to create a loyal relationship.

Online is the New Frontline

Online is your new frontline and everyone involved in that experience – from the coders to the designers to the developers – should understand the customer.

Creating Customer Experiences that Differentiate Your Business

Almost all organizations are laser-focused on trying to deliver customer experiences that truly differentiate their businesses.

Customer Experience Secrets Revealed – 3 Tips to Employ Right Now

3 secrets to customer experience - establish a customer first culture, empower staff to act like business owners, and create an authentic experience.

Let’s Get Flexible

If you follow through with transparency and flexibility working hand-in-hand, the end result is happier, more engaged employees

How Hamilton is Killing it By Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience

The entire world of Hamilton is essentially one of the best modern examples of creating a differentiated customer experience.

Dude, What’s Your Story?

People love a good story and it’s not just because stories are entertaining. We are wired for storytelling. The short story about stories is that they sell.

What I Learned About Customer Experience From The World Series

Is your company creating an overall experience that captures the hearts and minds of your new customers? What makes your customer experience different?

Get Your Strategy Off the Ground! Lessons in Leader Alignment

If the strategy isn't clear and the executive team and board of directors weren't aligned on the it, they would never be able to bring the strategy to life.

Do Your Employees Love You?

Employees can truly love their organizations only when they are committed to the organization’s vision, understand the strategy and how they contribute

Working Together as a Team is the Key to Success

Working together as a team means engaging individuals in how their efforts impact their team’s success and how that success contributes to the company's success

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Corporate Training Programs

There's a fundamental flaw in the traditional mindset of corporate training - “getting people to training” and a “learning process”