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Don’t Lose the Lessons of Virtual!

If your organization hasn’t honed its virtual event skill set yet and still needs to figure out how to combine virtual events with in-person experiences, the time is now.
Virtual Events Done Right

10 Tips for Putting on a Kick-Butt Virtual Event

Planning a virtual event? Check out these 10 tips to ensure that your organization's online interactions are as impactful as face-to-face ones.
Virtual Events Done Right

6 Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Event Beats Your In Person One

The goal of a virtual event is to create a directed experience that you can control, people can unify around, and everyone will remember.
Books stacked over laptop

Your In-Person Company Event is Canceled. But Your Strategy Can’t Be.

While we certainly value in-person gatherings, you can’t afford to put events on hold even if you can’t be together. Your business and strategy can’t wait.