Tracey Fletcher

I am a die-hard leadership advocate. Why? Because this whole business of leading people is hard! I know this because I’ve done it and failed – again and again. It took a while, but I learned that failing is part of the process. When you fail, you learn and when you learn, you grow. I’ve learned A LOT, and despite my petite stature (I’m 5’ 1” thank you very much!) I’ve also grown a lot over the years. I’ve worked with thousands of leaders across industries around the globe to help them master the basics and fail faster and ultimately less often at this crazy business of leading people than I ever did.

I’m from the Great Lakes State – born and raised in Pure Michigan. Despite a brief and colorful tour of duty in Northwest Arkansas, I have never lived anywhere else. I love singing, pretty much any and every show on Bravo and making to-do lists. As a mother of two “spirited” young boys, I sleep very little and have recently discovered my super hero power is stain-removal.

In case you’re curious, my background is an eclectic mix of organizational development and account management. That means I am one of those rare few who have been in the trenches on both the HR side and the business side throughout my 20 years in the workforce. In my current role at Root I head up product development for Root Compass®, our flagship Manager Development Program. My very favorite thing is seeing leaders “get it” and the relief on their faces that comes with it. A-ha moments are my specialty!

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