A Patient in your Health System

Who am I? I’m a patient of your hospital, clinic, or health system.

I have a medical condition, requiring frequent visits. I have a doctor who seems pained that she has to spend just 10 minutes with me and has no time for questions. I call for appointments and I’m greeted by a heavy sigh instead of a cheerful hello. I try to schedule tests and get attitude. I’m already getting poked and prodded, shouldn’t that be enough discomfort?

How many times would you like me to fill out the same information? Are you telling me you still don’t know my name, address, and insurance company by now? I don’t just have a health problem; I have a YOU problem – chronically bad healthcare experience – better known as CBHCE.

If you’re being judged by patient satisfaction and experience, well, I think you should sit down. I’m afraid I have bad news.

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