According to an Oxford Economics survey, 66% of companies worldwide have made only slight or moderate progress toward meeting their strategic workplace goals.  A common barrier? Organizational capabilities don’t match business needs, and companies struggle to develop new capabilities at the speed the business requires.

You can develop the most innovative products and services, build the best strategy, and hire the most talented employees. Yet, if your people aren’t connected with your vision and equipped with the skills and knowledge to make an impact, you won’t get to your desired outcome.

Building and maintaining a successful learning program is like building a house. First, create a blueprint of your vision. Next, choose your materials and put the structure together. Then, sustain what you’ve built with regular maintenance and reinforcement – even renovation when necessary.

Follow these four steps to get it right.

  1. Envision your dream house – determine where you want to go
  2. Develop the blueprint – performance objectives, strategic themes and content areas
  3. Build – develop content, identify modality, and create
  4. Maintain your house and renovate when necessary – create a cadence of ongoing learning

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