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The Sustainability Struggle: Succeeding in a Carbon-Neutral Supply Chain

What are you doing to tell your sustainability story? The time to hone this part of your organization’s strategy is now.

The Speed of Change for Utilities Is Accelerating – Are You Ready to Keep Pace?

The utility industry is complex and uncertainty is creating stress for your people. It's time to prepare for change.

Can Your Organization Change to Succeed in 2021 and Beyond? Three Tips to Help.

Preparing for change? Here are three tips for leaders to mitigate risks and help prepare their people for the road ahead. Change isn't easy, but yes, it is achievable!
Simplifying the Complex

Operations in a Time of Uncertainty – 4 Tips to Reaching Clarity

Insights on how to think about challenges at the intersection of strategy and operations.Specifically, how to make the complicated a little more simple.
Leading During a Crisis

Engaging Your People During Coronavirus Uncertainty

Leaders need to be thinking about how Coronavirus will impact all facets of their business. Regardless of the fear circulating, we needed to remain productive and leaders must develop plans that address the risks while striving to stick to normal operations as much as possible.
Leading Change When Operations Can't Stop

Leading Change When Operations Can’t Stop

Organizational change is unavoidable. Here are four tips to keep operations running smoothly amid change.

Six Things I’ve Learned About Change Management in Six Months

Throughout my career, I’ve worked at places that focus on some of the biggest problems facing our nation. Defense. Security. Important stuff.