The Skeptic in your Organization

Who am I? I’m that skeptical guy in your organization.

You know, the one that says things like ‘Oh great. Another wonderful idea from corporate.’ Sarcasm is my weapon of choice. Eye rolls are my defining characteristic. I can take an entire team down in minutes flat. But honestly, can you blame me? I’ve been here for decades and endured the strategy of the moment – the one that will change everything. But I’ve never seen one stick. In fact, there’s all of this excitement about it for a day, and then everyone forgets and moves on.

Beyond an initial rah-rah, it doesn’t connect. We don’t remember. We count on others to implement. No one has ever involved me, asked my opinion, or shown me the map. I am just one in your organization. But give me a few minutes, and I have the power to help – or derail – everything.

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