2020 was the year we made impossible things happen. Implementing new ways of working that previously were thought to be impossible or would take years, we managed to navigate in a couple of months or even a couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean they will be magically sustained for the long run.

Embedding these critical changes, along with a myriad of future changes, requires rigor and new skills, but most importantly, they require mindset shifts from employees at all levels – and that’s not so easy…

These six tips ensure your capability development programs deliver outstanding results and enable your organization to support your future of work efforts and other development initiatives:

  1. Context, context, context. It’s critical for engagement and buy-in.
  2. Connect the dots. Change initiatives aren’t happening in a vacuum.
  3. Realism and transparency. Putting an end to unrealistic expectations.
  4. Manage the ripples. Smaller day-to-day changes are taking a toll.
  5. Leading through ambiguity. No one has all of the answers.
  6. Celebrating wins AND failures. Uncover lessons and value in both.

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