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On September 30th, Rich Berens and I were invited to a meeting at the White House focusing on how to create sustainable business practices that are good for stakeholders and the bottom line, as well as how to develop new, longer-term metrics to evaluate company success.

We were asked to participate for two reasons: 1.) because creating a people-centered workplace has been core to how Root has built our own business, and 2.) because we have been fortunate to work with a number of the companies represented at the meeting on creating and shaping strong, inclusive workplaces.

This was our first opportunity to attend an event at the White House – an incredible honor, to be sure. It was an energizing and exhilarating meeting featuring incredible thought leaders from business, government, and academia sharing their passion and experience about leading their organizations and supporting others.

Here’s a piece written by the Department of Labor’s Alison Omens on the focus they’re making on creating sustainable business practices.

October 27, 2016


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