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Aleassa Schambers – pronounced A-Lisa (but also answers to Aleecha, Akasa, Al-e-ass-a – really anything close or not! Thanks Mom and Dad) – is Director of Marketing at Root. She has 20-something years’ experience marketing B2B brands for both large ($1B) and small (start-up) organizations. A passionate advocate for Root, Aleassa spends her days thinking about how to get more organizations and leaders to recognize the value of creating strong company cultures that can deliver positive transformations for both their people and their customers. She is an equally passionate alumna of the University of Michigan. Her happy place is her family’s cabin on Lake Superior.

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Talent Acquisition Managers are Focused On the Wrong Things

Hiring managers are focused on the wrong things. Look for the characteristics of high performers and forget everything else.

Talent Shortage or Subpar Employee Experience? A Tale of Two Cities

Yes, it is possible for your organization to rise above the current talent-shortage trend and cultivate its next generation of leaders.

It’s Not You, It’s Me! The Truth Behind Your Talent Shortage

Your talent shortage has more to do with you and your organization than it does with the talent you're trying to recruit or retain.

What Do Costco Hots Dogs Have in Common with the Employee Experience?

For an organization to succeed it must have a strategy for creating a winning employee experience. Feeling stuck? Read on for three tips.

Seven Workforce Challenges for Leaders and How to Tackle Them

Companies that can turn obstacles into opportunities will be the ones to remain standing in the end. Check out these tips.


Strategic change requires engagement - not just emails, videos or powerpoint presentations Metaphors, visualization, and discussion can help.
Missing Hallway Conversations

Longing for the Days of Hallway Conversations

I miss hallway conversations -- not the actual hallway, but the connections. The performance and emotional health of your people in this new virtual work from home world requires leaders to help create deliberate and purposeful connections. Are you prepared?

Communication In An Uncertain World: Creating Connections Has Never Been More Important

Organizations need to implement changes to navigate tremendous challenges. Communicating effectively has never been more critical than it is right now.
Man working on his workstation

Don’t Go Changing: 4 Musts for Strategy Activation During Chaos

The only way to catalyze and accelerate results is through your people. You need to move fast right now. But you can’t skip steps.

Getting to the Root of Self-Care

As we grapple with the challenges of maintaining health and safety, business continuity, and jobs, it’s easy to forget that your people need self-care.

Ring in the New Year with a Cup of Cheer, Spiked with Truth Serum

We asked members of the workforce to name their organization’s top priority for 2020. Are you helping your people connect the dots of your strategy ?
Creating Change During Financial Downturns

Creating Change Mindsets During Challenging Financial Downturns

Creating change mindsets during financial downturns requires doubling down on engaging your people in your strategic priorities to maintain focus.

Taking Risks: Going Forward and Stepping into the Unknown

What kind of a decision-maker are you? Whether individual contributors, managers, or executive leaders, the decision-making process is very important.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Part of Change – People

Change requires commitment, focus and a process that gives every single person in the company a connection to the strategy.
Leadership Transformation

Honesty Is the Best Policy – The Truth About Leaders and Organizational Culture

When you look at the behaviors that connect to a toxic culture, truth-telling is right at the top of the list, if not at the very top.

Culture Change During Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are not considering your corporate culture and how that may or may not fare through M&A, you are likely doomed - it’s the lifeline of your company.

Enough Already with the Strategy Launches – It’s Time for Transformative Gatherings

When we understand why we gather – to acknowledge, to learn, to challenge, to change – we learn how to organize gatherings that are relevant and memorable

Successful Strategy Activation is All about Behaviors

The purpose of strategic planning is not to make plans. It is to change the way that we think and act. It requires changing behaviors.

Getting to the Heart of Real Change

We absolutely MUST embrace this single truth: the experience our employees have shapes their attitudes, which drives their behaviors at the office.

The Only Thing You Need to Do to Engage Your People

Three tips to make your change initiative stick by helping every single person understand the "why" and "what" of the strategy and "how" they impact results.

Shifting Business Priorities: The Nature of the Beast

Shifting business priorities can cause headaches, but by focusing on early wins and painting a positive picture makes a difference in long-term success.
Employee engagement ideas

Metaphors, Visualization, and Discussion! Oh, My!: Three Proven Employee Engagement Ideas

You have a new strategy and need employee engagement ideas? Combining metaphors, visualization and discussion enables your strategy to be a success.

How to Inspire and Motivate a Team

Everyone has their way to motivate a team; here’s how we do it at Root. Motivating a team is a rewarding experience that has a lasting impact.

The Truth About Employee Engagement Strategies that Last

To create employee engagement strategies that last, it takes more than a ping pong table and snacks. Here some people actually care about at work.

How to Build Better Employee Engagement

Build better employee engagement by creating super super fan employees. Super fan employees are game changers to their organizations.

Five Uncommon Acts of High Performing Teams – Harmony is not High Performance

High performing teams are not natural occurrences. You have to rigorously work at it. Here are five ways you can elevate your team’s performance.

Learn Something New Every Day

All of us can learn from one another if we take the time to open up and listen. Even community leaders, politicians, and CEOs have room to learn a lesson.

The Fear Invasion

Realism and truth telling are the heart of authentic engagement. But many organizations lack realism and by not embracing honesty and truth they are at risk

Healthcare Reform Act – The State of Readiness

Are your people prepared for all of the changes? Do they understand what the end game will look like and the outcomes need to be as a result of the changes?

What Would Your Successor Do?

What do you do when you’re caught in the mire or having analysis paralysis? How to make better decisions in life and work

Cultivating Strategy Through Employees

DuPont Pioneer leaders wanted to increase employee engagement with better clarity, alignment and focus on the company strategy, its process and growth plans

The Secrets of Leading Workplaces

A study revealed seven areas where leaders can make changes in the workplace that would have a significant impact on the organization

Just Trust Me

Check out this short 10-minute webinar from Root CEO, Jim Haudan, who shares some details on these four areas where leaders can help build trust.

Hey HR Execs: Do You Know What Your Employees Are Thinking?

Research shows that HR managers may not know what their employees are thinking as much as they think.

It’s 2013… the Year of the Person!

Perspectives on how to anticipate, understand, and initiate conversations with your people to build engagement and improve performance.

Is That a Smartphone in Your Pocket…?

Whether its training, implementing a new process, or embracing a strategy – technology plays a critical role in how we absorb data and work on a daily basis

Imagery, Cartoons, Visuals and the Story of Your Company

What’s the case for storytelling? The mind processes information faster and better when it's in the form of something memorable and cohesive, like a story.

Making It Work at Work

Research on high performers and their daily practices sheds light on effective habits and routines that should be encouraged across the entire organization.

The Times, They Are a-Changing

Despite the strides women have made in the workplace, there is still significant work to do. How does your organization support the evolving role of women?

Turning Unconventional Thinking into Smart Strategy

The Accordion Chart is an innovative tool that provides a useful visual breakdown of everything you need to know to get your employees on the same page.

6 Ways to Build a High-Performing Organization

If you want a high-performing organization, the good news is, it's not that difficult to identify those things that really yield high performance.

Onboarding: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Making an employee’s first months and year as successful as possible begins before they even show up for Day 1 and goes far beyond paperwork.

Honesty is The Best Policy in Business – Here’s Why

Be sure to be create an organization where people feel safe to tell the truth because honesty is the best policy.

7 Habits of Highly Creative Organizations

Anyone can be creative, but there must be an environment that spurs and facilitates that creativity.Time to forgo traditional mindsets and predictability.

Connecting with Teams to Drive Guest Loyalty

HGI realized that it needed to form a better connection with its employees, so they, in turn, could better connect with guests and build loyalty

The Art of Visualization

Work with your people to get something on paper – images, words, ideas. Encourage everyone to contribute through every iteration of the visual.

Group Mojo: Creating Magic

A fear-free, open environment encourages people to share ideas. If people know it’s safe to share their thoughts in the workplace, the floodgates open.

Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change

An effective conversational leader needs to build a framework and define a clear purpose for the conversation so people understand the intention behind it.

Accessing Genuine Dialogue

Without effective dialogue, achieving real results can be challenging. But how do you ensure the dialogue in your organization is genuine and meaningful?

Visualization as a Powerful Business Tool? You Bet!

Visualization is probably one of the strongest assets any organization has in its arsenal and is a major competitive differentiator

Want a Tree House? Think Again!

An organization is only as strong as its root system or foundation - mainly it's employees and how engaged they are in the big picture strategy.

Managers Can Make or Break Your Organization’s Strategy

If you want to make sure your front-line employees are getting what they need, make sure you are focusing on training your managers.

Plan a People Strategy like a Product Strategy

A people strategy is going to have a greater impact than a mere product launch. Learn why investing in your people is as important as a product launch.