Aleassa Schambers


Aleassa Schambers – pronounced A-Lisa (but also answers to Aleecha, Akasa, Al-e-ass-a – really anything close or not! Thanks Mom and Dad) – is Director of Marketing at Root. She has 20-something years’ experience marketing B2B brands for both large ($1B) and small (start-up) organizations. A passionate advocate for Root, Aleassa spends her days thinking about how to get more organizations and leaders to recognize the value of creating strong company cultures that can deliver positive transformations for both their people and their customers. She is an equally passionate alumna of the University of Michigan. Her happy place is her family’s cabin on Lake Superior.

Posts by Aleassa Schambers

Shifting Business Priorities: The Nature of the Beast

Shifting business priorities can cause headaches, but by focusing on early wins and painting a positive picture makes a difference in long-term success.

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How to Build Better Employee Engagement

Build better employee engagement by creating super super fan employees. Super fan employees are game changers to their organizations.

Learn Something New Every Day

All of us can learn from one another if we take the time to open up and listen. Even community leaders, politicians, and CEOs have room to learn a lesson.

The Fear Invasion

Realism and truth telling are the heart of authentic engagement. But many organizations lack realism and by not embracing honesty and truth they are at risk

Healthcare Reform Act – The State of Readiness

Are your people prepared for all of the changes? Do they understand what the end game will look like and the outcomes need to be as a result of the changes?

What Would Your Successor Do?

What do you do when you’re caught in the mire or having analysis paralysis? How to make better decisions in life and work

Cultivating Strategy Through Employees

DuPont Pioneer leaders wanted to increase employee engagement with better clarity, alignment and focus on the company strategy, its process and growth plans