Heather Lee

Heather is a customer experience sage, as guru was taken and her colleagues said sage fit better with her spirit anyway. She is passionate about empowering front line teams to bring their authentic selves to the brand they represent, all with the goal of delivering a stand out customer experience. A world-class customer herself, you can find her shopping and eating her way around the globe.

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Four Tips to Transform Employees Into Brand Advocates

Employees want to be a part of something bigger, to belong, to go on meaningful journeys & make an impact. Here's how to make this a reality within your organization.

The Changing World of Retail and Hospitality

The world isn’t going to stop changing so what is your retail or hospitality business doing to pivot and adjust strategy to meet customers where they are?

What Tier of Loyalty Do You Get with 35 Million Miles?

When celebrating your most loyal customers, remember to celebrate your employees as well. Their loyalty is why you have such a great customer experience.

User-Centered Design Works: Turning to Employees to Design a Better Uniform

Designing uniforms and implementing change have one thing in common, seek employee feedback if you want it to be successful.
story telling lessons

Storytelling Lessons from…Airline Safety Videos? Indeed.

Find out the three keys that makeup successful storytelling. They come from an unlikely source that we've all probably experienced... airline safety videos.

Healthcare is Focusing on Patients AND Its People, So I’m Headed Back to My Roots

Healthcare is learning from retail and hospitality that in order to achieve the best patient experience they need to invest in the employee experience.

Is EQ the Most Important Hiring Factor?

Is hiring for EQ the right decision? Explore what makes a good hire and why hiring for EQ still the matters in today's online world.

How to Analyze Customer Satisfaction Data in Four Steps

Do your managers know how to analyze customer satisfaction data? If not, they probably are not using it to create a meaningful impact for your customers.

The Customer Experience Lessons I Learned from Hamilton

Improve your customer experience by creating a customer community that people feel apart of and that their voice is heard.

How to Use Micro-Connections to Create Happy Customers Over the Phone

Create happy customers over the phone by taking the time to create micro-connections. Micro-connections can have a huge impact on your customers and brand.

Improve Customer Experience with Micro-Connections

Improve customer experience by focusing on the the micro-connections. Create a customer experience that is personable and focuses on the little things.

Customer Experience Advice from Vanilla Ice?

Some of the best customer experience advice can actually come from music lyrics. I get some of the best advice from artists such as Bruno Mars and Pitbull.

Customer Experience Lessons from the Super Flock (and yes, I’m referring to chickens)

Super-chickens can give you great customer experience lessons, but ensure you hire people who are focused on creating a team environment.

Two Questions to Drive Customer Experience

Retailers that do customer experience right engage their people in their strategy to drive mindset shifts and ultimately behavioral change.
Manager Development

The Way to Create Employees for Life and Ultimately Customers for Life

A customer’s experience never exceeds the employee’s experience. Yet most organizations don’t spend time on building employees for life

50 Things to Say to Your Frontline Employees

Make it a better workday by saying these things to front line employees. Follow the words with actions to show that you mean them.

Loyalty Programs without a Great Experience Drive Nothing

Each customer has the potential to be your most loyal and each front line associate has the potential to be the person who wins the customer over