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My COVID-19 Mentality – Sprint or Marathon?

My mindset can’t be that of a marathon runner or a sprinter during these uncertain times. Instead, I think we should embrace an interval training mentality.

What Does It Really Mean to Create an Inclusive Culture?

Over the past 20 years, we have seen a proliferation of diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts in organizations. In some cases, the efforts have paid off.

Decision Making: Embracing the AND

Avoiding the Tyranny of the OR is difficult. It requires a mindset that rejects the pervasive polarization of society and instead sees new possibilities

Six Actions to Mitigate Implicit Bias

Learn about six actions that can make a real difference when you are trying to mitigate implicit bias in your personal life or in your organization.

Implicit Bias – Acknowledging I Am Biased

Three ways to take the tough step of acknowledging bias that organizations can take to move from awareness to acknowledgment.

Implicit Bias – Becoming Aware Through Personal Connections

Awareness is the first step in decreasing the effects of implicit bias. Here are three recommendations to help create the conditions that foster dialogue.

Implicit Bias – What Is the Goal of Starbucks’ Training Effort?

What kind of impact does the recent news of Starbucks have on our understanding of the implicit bias is pervasive in our country and how can we change it.