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Corporate culture. We read about it, study it, hire executives to create and sustain it, and sit in boardrooms discussing how to get people engaged in it. And for good reason. Your culture defines your brand. And how well someone fits into your organization’s culture is directly connected to their happiness, engagement, and productivity. As a result, hiring managers are putting more emphasis than ever on bringing in talent that offers not just the right “hard” skills, but the right “soft ” skills, too – ensuring each person is a good fit for both the job at hand and the workplace culture.

Whether you have a culture you brag about or there’s room for improvement, these 6 tips offer the opportunity to take your culture game to the next level.

  1. Be Strategic – connect to your purpose and your evolving strategy.
  2. Focus on the Basics – look at what you can control today.
  3. Experiment with Ideas – culture is not static, try new things.
  4. Reinforce Behaviors – double or triple down on what’s working.
  5. Look for Influencers – find those people who can be culture carriers.
  6. Innovate – keep it fresh, relevant and inspirational.

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