Chris Williams

Don’t be fooled by the British accent – Chris moved from New York to Chicago and now heads up Root’s Chicago team. Chris is a strategic change expert, with a particular passion for culture transformation and strategic onboarding. He has worked with a large range of global and local organizations on initiatives such as enterprise strategy deployment, operational excellence, IT transformation, and culture change. Chris speaks regularly at human resources, learning and development, change management, and onboarding conferences and is considered an energy amplifier in group facilitation environments.

Posts by Chris Williams


First Impressions Matter: Use This Framework for Your New Hire Orientation

As a company, you have one chance to make a good first impression on your new hires. What would they say about the impression you make?

Seven Steps to Building an Onboarding Program with Long-Term Retention in Mind

Onboarding is critical to retaining talent & empowering employees to contribute to strategic goals. Is your organization onboarding the right way?

Human-Centered Digital Transformation – A Strategic Imperative

Digital transformation isn't only about technology. This type of change requires a human-centered approach. Here are four things leaders should know.
Maximizing Strategic Engagement

Don’t Go Dark, Go Virtual: Maximizing Strategic Engagement in a Coronavirus World

The coronavirus has forced many to cancel meetings, conferences, and gatherings that were previously considered essential. Don't go dark, go virtual! Here are our top tips for driving virtual engagement that works.

Are Your Values Words on a Wall, or Do They Walk Down the Hall?

Values, purpose and mission should align to the work an organization does—and all the decisions made along the way

This is Why Your Users Aren’t Adopting Your New Tech

We’ve all experienced it before. A new piece of technology is introduced that’s designed to make the workforce faster, smarter, and more efficient.

I heart Dilbert – 4 Times Dilbert Nailed It on Organizational Change

Why is Dilbert funny? Mainly because it’s true. It may be exaggerated, but for many of us Scott Adams holds up a candid mirror of reality in the workplace

Leadership Lessons from the World Cup

Here are the five ways Gareth Southgate revitalized a stale and listless England team to be only two games away from winning the World Cup!

Every Company has a Story; Some Companies Just Suck at Telling Stories

Every company has a story, which when told correctly can lead to great things. Here are three tips to use yours to inspire the change your company needs.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: Perfecting Your New Hire Orientation Session

When you want to improve your onboarding program focus on Day 1. Day 1

The Secrets to Creating a World-Class Onboarding Program that will Thrill Your CEO

Creating a world-class onboarding program with these 7 traits ensures your new strategy will be a success.