Bridget Stallkamp

Bridget believes wholeheartedly in the power of research to unlock complex problems. Her brilliant team at Root Inc. uses proprietary (and sometimes unorthodox) research techniques to thoroughly understand the challenges and path to success for a whole slew of happy clients from local health systems to international retail brands and everywhere in-between. A champion of the underdog, she is passionate about the potential of the average employee to be a superstar and enjoys proving naysayers wrong.

Posts by Bridget Stallkamp

Cracking the Code: Improve Performance Through Pattern Recognition

For so many organizations, performance improvement has become something of a stalemate. We wag our finger at underperformers and then point at the high performers, saying, “Why can’t you be more like them?” We showcase our highest achievers at annual conferences or in company-wide webinars and ask them to tell us what makes them so great. After all, since their work is so exceptional, they must have some tricks of the trade to share, right?

Three Ways to Embrace the “Goo” Phase of Change

Leaders must embrace and help people navigate the obstacles of the middle point of a transformation when new behaviors are being adopted.
Survey Your People

Forget That Engagement Survey This Year. It Has No Place.

Engagement surveys have a place and time.This is not it. But it's still critical to know what people are thinking,to guide organizational shifts.
Barriers to creating change

Everything I Need to Know About Your Culture is in Your Parking Lot

Here are three reasons executive parking spots are a clear indication that there are major barriers to change in an organization.
reaching at the top - measuring success

How to Measure the Success of Your Research Project

The success of your research isn't dependent on how surprising the results are. Sometimes it's the little things that go a long way.

How to Understand What’s Really Happening in Your Company – The Power of Observation

To understand what’s really happening with your employees, you must rely on the power of observation.

How do you Unlock Employee Potential?

To unlock employee potential you need to give them the key, or multiple keys. Study what is already working and share it with the rest of your employees.

Effective Communications at Work

Simple, real-world examples illustrate how successful communications can help improve your performance management capabilities – read & learn!

Successfully Communicate (and Improve your Performance Management Know-How) by Doing These Two Things

Listening to and learning from your employees uncovers opportunities for your business and helps your leaders improve their performance management abilities

Four Steps to Holding the Ultimate Meeting

Welcome to 2015! If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably set a resolution or two in honor of the new year. After all, it’s a time-honored tradition.