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As Chairman and Co-Founder, Jim Haudan has a passion that goes beyond leading Root to success. For more than 25 years, he has been helping the world’s most influential organizations transform their business, change how they engage their people, and deliver exceptional results. Jim captures Root’s story in his bestselling book, “The Art of Engagement: … Continue reading “Jim Haudan”

Jim Haudan Jim Haudan is a different kind of CEO, with a passion that goes beyond leading Root to success. For more than 20 years, he has helped organizations unleash hidden potential by fully engaging their people to deliver on the strategies of the business. Jim Wrote the Book on Engagement The Art of Engagement … Continue reading “Jim Haudan”

Jim Haudan speaks with Dr. Rick Lofgren, president and CEO of UC Health, and Charlie Piscitello, chief people officer at Acutus Medical, Inc. to get their thoughts as how leaders can best lead during challenging times.

On the third episode of the series, Gary Gray and John Baldoni share thoughts on meaningful ways on how to lead people through crisis.

Tune into the second episode of the series featuring Dr. Rick Lofgren and Charlie Piscitello, as they share their experiences navigating crisis.

Recently, Root Inc. co-founder Jim Haudan met via video conference with Jim Boomgard, president and chief executive officer of DAI: International Development, and Joe Morgan, seasoned CEO, advisor and strategist, to get their insights on leadership during the Covid-19 crisis.

Watch the first episode of the series featuring two seasoned CEOs, sharing their experiences navigating crisis at both large and small organizations.

Watch our on-demand webinar of best-selling authors, Robert E. Quinn and Jim Haudan discussing higher purpose and how to make it stick in your organization.

Best-selling authors, Robert E. Quinn and Jim Haudan discuss what is higher purpose, why your c-suite should embrace purpose, and how to make it stick.

Root has a better way for Global 2000 companies looking to improve their customer’s experience, activate strategies, adopt technology, or unlock talent

Jim Haudan shares insights on the leadership blind spot trust and discusses how leaders can take the plunge to start building trust with their people.

Watch our on-demand webinar to answer the question, what can we do as leaders to engage the hearts and minds of our people?

Jim Haudan shares insights on the leadership blind spot of engagement discussing how leaders need to capture the hearts and minds of their people.

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We have found that to be exceedingly true in business. As a matter of fact

When Root’s leaders, Jim Haudan and Rich Berens, wrote their book What Are Your Blind Spots? Conquering the 5 Misconceptions that Hold Leaders Back I was

Watch our on-demand webinar to answer the question, what can we do as leaders to make it safe for our people to tell the truth to make business better?

When you look at the behaviors that connect to a toxic culture, truth-telling is right at the top of the list, if not at the very top.

One of the great things about working here is that sometimes work doesn’t feel like work. A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to help test a game

Jim Haudan dives into the leadership blind spot of truth and how leaders can foster a safer environment for people to share how they think and feel.

Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible. What strategy questions are you asking yourself and other leaders?

Jim Haudan chats openly about the five leadership blind spots that perpetuate employee disengagement and reveals solutions to this ever-growing problem.

What Are Your Blind Spots? is written to help executives and managers scrutinize their approach to leadership and figure out personal blind spots

There is more than $350 billion of lost productivity every year. Let's recover the lost hours of productivity by engaging people at work.

Here are three reasons executive parking spots are a clear indication that there are major barriers to change in an organization.

About the Book Far too many business leaders are using outdated practices to engage and motivate their people―and they’re failing miserably. From the author team that was focusing on workplace engagement before it was even a thing, comes a leadership book for the future. What Are Your Blind Spots? helps leaders scrutinize their approach to leadership … Continue reading “What Are Your Blind Spots?: Conquering the 5 Misconceptions that Hold Leaders Back Press Kit”

Jim Haudan, and Rich Berens of Root Inc. detail 5 leadership blind spots that hinder employee engagement and innovation in the workplace.

Successful change from the top down means starting with the leaders. Jim Haudan gives leaders three areas to improve to deploy a successful strategy.

For over 10 years, Rich has had the opportunity to lead Root and its artists, designers, researchers, programmers, and MBAs in creating breakthrough approaches to change that have reached millions of people around the world.Rich has personally worked with dozens of Global 2000 organizations, including Hilton, Verizon, Masco, Petco, Procter & Gamble, Daimler, and many … Continue reading “Rich Berens”

Root Learning Map modules help bring visuals and data into one big picture to help employees engage in an organizations strategy in a more impactful way.

Create lasting change is where many organizations struggle the most. Change is very hard to sustain. Learn how Root sustains change for organizations.

In most organizations change is hard, that's why using visuals can help everyone see what is really happening.

Build better employee engagement by creating super super fan employees. Super fan employees are game changers to their organizations.

Not long ago, my CEO, Jim Haudan, shared some thoughts on the downfalls of competency training with me. Don’t worry, he wasn’t panning

“Employee engagement.” The phrase first hit the scene in 1990, when William A. Kahn used it in an article he wrote for the Academy of Management Journal

Millennials. They’re entering the workforce in droves, and they’re not very quiet about it.

We sat down with two Root executives this month – Founder and CEO Jim Haudan and Consultant (and millennial) Kara Davidson – to discuss personal purpose

Realism and truth telling are the heart of authentic engagement. But many organizations lack realism and by not embracing honesty and truth they are at risk

Perspectives on how to anticipate, understand, and initiate conversations with your people to build engagement and improve performance.

Research on high performers and their daily practices sheds light on effective habits and routines that should be encouraged across the entire organization.

Visualization is probably one of the strongest assets any organization has in its arsenal and is a major competitive differentiator

Leadership Transformation

Watch Jim Haudan explain ways organizations are capable of boosting employee morale in new ways.

Jim Haudan spoke at an event where he explained how organizations can inspire people, create change, and make a difference

I recently returned from an overseas trip to Russia. My husband and I traveled from Detroit to Amsterdam to St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk and back again in 6 days. A lot of traveling in a short period of time, but we couldn’t be more motivated and engaged. Even with the crazy time zones and lack … Continue reading “The Roots of Engagement in Russia”

Instead of focusing on what isn't working, find out what is and replicate it across the organization to maximize successes at work.

Innovation at work

Innovation at work is crucial for an organizations success in today's environment. Colby discusses ways to see if yours is ready for an innovation today.

It's important to create meaningful lives so here are three things smart people do to create meaningful lives for themselves.

Creating a strong vision statement has an immense effect on your business. Learn how to create a vision statement that guides your organization to success.

To understand what’s really happening with your employees, you must rely on the power of observation.

It's time to start engaging Millennials at work. Studies find that recent college graduates are not engaged in their work, it's time to change that.

Have you ever dated someone and come to the realization a few weeks into the relationship that the actual version of the person you’re dating is actually